NexInfo: Empowering Modern Supply Chain Strategies

Discover our service offerings highlighted in the “Modern Supply Chain Experience 2017” PDF:

Services Offered:

  • Supply Chain Expertise: Distribution, Manufacturing Operations, Planning, Supplier Collaboration, VMI, and more.
  • Forecasting & Demand Management: Streamlining planning processes for accurate projections.
  • Sales & Operations Planning: Designing efficient processes for effective alignment.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Optimizing product management strategies.
  • Financial Alignment & Metrics Design: Integrated Business Planning and KPI Frameworks.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Enhancing execution strategies for operational excellence.
  • Master Data Management: Ensuring accuracy and consistency across data systems.
  • Process Design & Benchmarking: Assessments, benchmarking, and transformational roadmaps.
  • Management Workshops and Governance: Educational workshops and project governance strategies.

Explore our comprehensive service spectrum showcased at the “Modern Supply Chain Experience 2017” PDF.