Solution summary:

Cloud is the new paradigm for computing today and SaaS is the future for technology & business software companies. Cloud computing is enabling innovative solutions and services across industries and disciplines. With increasing Cloud adoption, companies need to compete effectively within a rapidly changing business and technological environment by bundling SaaS offerings into their product portfolio to retain or win market share.

Offering Software-as-a Service requires more than simply re-architecting an existing product or developing a new SaaS offering. It entails a complex set of enabling technologies and service delivery capabilities to provide reliable, secure and scalable SaaS solutions.

Distinguishing features:

We approach implementation of SaaS applications in three ways:

  1. Quick Saas
    • Experiment with SaaS
    • Quick SaaS enablement & deployment
    • Lite Version SaaS product
  2. Re-engineering
    • True SaaS transformation
    • Long term value
    • Optimization & Performance for SaaS based delivery
  3. New development
    • PaaS based Product
    • Feature Rich