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Oracle PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

Accelerate the product development process with a reliable product lifecycle management system

Optimize Your innovation, development, and commercialization processes with Nexinfo’s implementation of Oracle PLM System

Centralize and streamline your product lifecycle management (PLM) with a complete suite of PLM tools for your business.

Why choose NexInfo for Oracle PLM services?

As a cloud-based platform, Oracle PLM is designed for speed, accessibility, and security that helps you develop a sustainable and profitable innovation pipeline driven by a steady stream of data.

More importantly, you simplify quality control processes: resolving product development gaps, minimizing recurring problems, and accelerating incremental development with a tight, closed-loop system.

Step up your entire product management, from development to distribution, with a solutions provider trusted by industry leaders everywhere.

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Oracle PLM

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Industry Leaders Reaping the NexInfo Product Life Cycle Management Advantage

Experience Streamlined Product Life Cycle Management with NexInfo

Achieve new levels of productivity with a reliable product lifecycle management tool from Oracle.

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Oracle Cloud PLM

Accelerate growth with Oracle PLM

Go beyond the textbook PLM software definition and start reaping its benefits with NexInfo’s Oracle PLM services.

In adopting an Oracle PLM for your company, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Minimized compliance risks
  • Improved product traceability
  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminated redundant business processes
  • Drive innovation opportunities
Additionally, by opting for the Oracle software, product lifecycle management is made more streamlined and more reliable for various industries, such as pharma or manufacturing PLM needs.

Enjoy a Complete Product Lifecycle Management Support

Businesses, regardless of size or industry, can achieve the PLM that suits their unique needs. We are equipped with the right tools and competencies to see your project through, from planning to execution and maintenance.

Give your PLM system meaning as our experienced in-house experts help address your existing gaps with modules and modifications designed to meet your unique business requirements.

Lastly, rest assured that any software solutions we deploy are consistent with industry best practices, letting you shift into the new platform with minimal interruptions.

Oracle PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
Oracle PLM System

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Costs

One of the factors that cast doubt on a company’s PLM shift is the cost, with snowballing costs often derailing projects.

With NexInfo, you are in charge of your expenses.

We only submit fixed bids that are comprehensive and transparent, keeping all parties aligned on what to expect from our product lifecycle management solutions.

You can approve budgets with confidence, free from any unexpected overruns down the road.

Benefits of Working with NexInfo’s Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Software

Oracle Agile PLM and Cloud PLM

Cloud and Agile Project Lifecycle Management

Whether you’re after Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM or Oracle Agile PLM, you can standardize the different areas concerned with the product lifecycle, from product development to customer delivery.

NexInfo opens up the possibilities of all features of this industry-leading solution, including:

  • Innovation management
  • Product development
  • Product master data management (MDM)
  • Configurator modeling
  • Quality management
  • And more

Accelerate your PLM project without missing a single step, with a provider companies trust.

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End-to-End PLM System

One Invoice, One Vendor for All Your PLM Needs

With over two decades of experience in business automation, we are capable of deploying specialized teams to ensure that all your product lifecycle management needs are met.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Planning and conceptual design 
  • PLM system deployment
  • Updating, security, and maintenance
  • PLM managed services
  • And more

By working with a single, reliable solutions provider, you can ensure consistent quality across all phases of your PLM application deployment.

Industry Best Practices

Services Backed By Industry-Standard Protocols

At NexInfo, our support doesn’t end with the hand-off of the product lifecycle management systems to the client. From the design to the maintenance, we hold our team members to the highest standards.

To ensure that you enjoy the best PLM experience, we implement the following:

  • A bluebook of best practices
  • Comprehensive onboarding process
  • Periodic project reviews conducted by our senior staff
  • And more.

In doing so, you can rest assured that no part of the deployment is compromised, allowing you to accelerate your product development capabilities without any setbacks.

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Continuing Business Support

Expert Support for Product Lifecycle Software

Ensure that your PLM, Oracle Cloud or Agile, continues running at its full capacity with reliable support. Our in-house team of over 300 consultants is ready to meet your employee and consumer needs. We can provide assistance for:

  • Agile PLM infrastructure support
  • Server and app configuration
  • Performance optimization
  • Hotfix deployment
  • Capacity planning
  • And more

Accelerate growth with minimized process interruptions with Oracle PLM Cloud and Agile PLM software.

No Hidden Charges

Expect Predictable Costs and Reliable Bids

NexInfo offers full PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions at a significant cost savings, compared to other major consultancies. Furthermore, we ensure that no client has to grapple with cost creep at any stage of the project.

To do this, we have put the following practices in place:

  • Fixed bids
  • Zero cost overrun policy
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)

These prices remain fixed, regardless of whatever happens for the entire duration of the project. In return, you can put your best foot forward without risks of cost overruns down the road.

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