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Oracle Cloud Implementation Services

Enjoy the outcome of a successful Oracle Cloud performed by NexInfo’s consultants.

Accelerate Your Oracle Cloud Implementation Project

Benefit from 20+ years of ERP implementation insight, from initial strategy to stabilizing your Oracle applications.

Why choose NexInfo for Oracle Cloud implementations?

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Companies That Trust Our Oracle Cloud Implementation

Configure Your Oracle Cloud Implementation to Match Your Enterprise Structure

Deploy your Oracle applications reliably with assistance from NexInfo’s consultants.

Why Our Clients Trust Our Oracle Cloud Implementation


Trusted ERP software consultants on staff

13 Years

Average experience of our Oracle Cloud specialists


Successful ERP implementations and counting

Oracle Cloud Implementation

Leverage Industry Experience

Partner with a team of more than 300 certified Oracle consultants

Each consultant has an average of 13 years of experience delivering services that help your business achieve operational excellence.

NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud implementation services include monthly project reviews that examine each stage of the implementation process.

Guaranteed Fixed Bid Prices

Partner with an organization that keeps the steadiness of your finances in mind.

Regardless of what may transpire during the deployment and consulting, there will be no cost creep and surprise overruns on your budget that impact future business decisions.

Knowing your total costs ahead of time helps to avoid financial surprises and maintain your budget.

Oracle Cloud implementation services
NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud Rapid Implementation

Accountability Clauses

Oracle Cloud Implementation services that do not produce desirable outcomes do little to benefit your business.

NexInfo strives to deliver a consistently high level of implementation results. If the consultant team does not deliver on expectations, NexInfo compensates you through a penalty clause.

This clause holds the consultant team accountable for delivering reliable implementation that aligns with your business objectives.

Partner with NexInfo and receive dedicated service that goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Advantages of NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud Rapid Implementation

Boost Market Share

Improve Your Market Share

Partnering with NexInfo allows you to improve productivity by ensuring proper alignment between new technology and existing business processes and goals.

Scale your business faster by switching to our proven Cloud Implementation.

The resulting increased efficiencies and optimized business model allow you to focus on moving your business forward.

Oracle Cloud implementation services
NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud Rapid Implementation

Oracle Sales Cloud

Optimize Your Sales With Oracle CX

Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation transforms cold prospects into warm ones with high-value and actionable insights into prospects and customers.

Align your sales processes with Oracle Sales Cloud. Easily segment prospects and identify the accurate selling technique for each segment.

Implementing Oracle empowers your sales team to stay on top of the pipeline by engaging customers at the earliest appropriate time to close more deals faster.

The consultant team can also forecast activities based on accurate data analysis rather than educated guesses.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Our Oracle HCM Cloud implementation helps your business transform vital HR functions into business advantage opportunities.

These functions include:

  • Payroll
  • Training
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • And more

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud offers human resources and talent management capabilities to improve workforce insights and increase operational efficiency.

Proper Oracle Cloud implementation for HR empowers your employees to resolve simple issues without managers’ unnecessary involvement, promoting everyday morale and improved workforce development.

Oracle Cloud implementation services
NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud Rapid Implementation

Oracle Financial Cloud

Oracle Financial Cloud Implementation

Streamline your financial reporting and accounting processes with Oracle Cloud implementation. NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud consultants perform the task of data migration with safety in mind during implementation to ensure complete security.

Oracle can also automate your general ledgers and provide clarity while handling high transaction volumes.

The Benefits are Many

With cash flow forecasting based on payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and transactions, you can make appropriate financial decisions in real-time.

Benefit from a reliable platform that manages high-volume transactions while providing a single point of financial insights.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs By Up To 22% Oracle Cloud

Implementation benefits your business by speeding up your business processes.

With a seamless implementation, you can expect to see faster business processes with fewer obstacles, thus lowering your operational costs.

Enjoy an increase in ROI and reinvest your savings in your business to expand your market share.

Oracle Cloud implementation services