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There are a lot of software companies and system integrators in the market, and on the other end of the spectrum, there are a lot of management consulting companies. But there are very few companies that offer a blend of Business Process Consulting and Software Implementations in the same breath. The ones that do offer such a blend are typically the ‘big four’ consulting firms.

NexInfo was founded to offer the blend of business process and technology consulting as a packaged offering. The company is passionate about its methodology which ensures evaluation of the maturity levels of an organization in terms of business process, organizational skills and data sufficiency. This allows NexInfo to propose future processes that are realistic and achievable with a firm roadmap geared towards operational excellence.

Paired with our proven NexGen Methodology, this advantage allows companies to differentiate themselves against their competition, increase their value propositions to their customers, optimize the performance of their operations and leverage their business-partner relationships to maximize the opportunity for success in the marketplace.