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Program Governance


NexInfo is committed to helping companies understand the impact and legal implications of governance and/or compliance requirements on IT strategies, processes, and systems. Following compliance takes more than buying a security software application. A successful compliance strategy and implementation starts at establishing a culture of compliance within the organization.

NexInfo helps organizations develop, implement and execute data compliance solutions by using a successful framework built upon the concept of information asset protection. This framework consists of both processes and tools that enable organizations to engage in commercially reasonable information security management. By providing organizations intuitive, integrated compliance security modules and services, NexInfo aims to position itself as the market leader in providing a complete custom security compliance solution built upon the concept of information asset protection.

Building a Compliance Architecture:

Enterprises today are often confronted with complex and conflicting governance, compliance requirements, as well as a confusing mix of best practices, frameworks, and evolving case laws. NexInfo address these demanding requirements and moves the client toward sustainable compliance using a framework that is based on three sub-tactics:

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