Who We Are


NexInfo was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the leading providers of supply chain consulting, security & compliance consulting, Product Lifecycle Management solutions, and IT solution development & implementation services. We have successfully helped Fortune 1000 corporations vastly improve Supply Chain performance, secure their Enterprise Data, and achieve Compliance to Regulatory Requirements, among other outstanding results. Our implementations are tailored to each client's specific needs and are designed to aid clients in reaching their business goals by saving time, resources, and revenue.



As a strategic business partner, NexInfo is committed to your success. We pride ourselves on not simply creating solutions, but employing top performing work teams to solve your operational challenges - turning your pain points into your strong points.


NexInfo Solutions is comprised of experienced consultants and business architects that continue to provide leading designs in Supply Chain Management, Security & Compliance, and IT Solution Development & Implementation Services. We have successfully lead Fortune 1000 corporations improve their Supply Chain performance, Secure their Enterprise Data and achieve Compliance to Regulatory Requirements. NexInfo provides a variety of services to help clients achieve their goals in the above areas, by tailoring our services for each business in order to meet (and surpass) project business needs. NexInfo is an Oracle Platinum Partner that specializes in Value Chain Planning & Implementation, Product Lifecycle Management, Data Security & Management, and Analytics.

The benefits for improving upon existing supply chains is immense; NexInfo's methodology will lead towards:

  • Seamless streamlined business processes
  • Improved planning & scheduling
  • Enhanced communication between partners & suppliers
  • Enhanced performance & inventory levels
  • Quicker response to unforeseeable events
  • Reduced costs for logistics (warehousing & manufacturing)
  • Improved decision-making & customer service
  • Real-time knowledge of sales rates, inventory, tracking, & production rates
  • Fewer data errors