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NexInfo's NexGen Methodology sets us apart from other business solutions consulting firms.

Due to our NexGeneration Methodology we guarantee our clients success with proven results. Consisting of 5 key components, starting with a Project Evaluation we perform an in-depth Business & System Analysis with all key parties involved – here we evaluate an organizations processes and design a innovating solution.

Next is the Project Education phase, which breaks down industry leading practices and current system capabilities. This stage is critical in helping management teams understand the organization/process changes required to adopt these leading practices. Finally we move forward into the Project Architecture – here we design and build process workflow designs, systems designs, and build a prototype; with the main objective of mapping a design solution to a deployment roadmap. The solution definition addresses all aspect of an organization and process changes along with system configuration to support future models.

Once built we go through the Project Validation stage, where we work through process and data confirmation as well as production readiness. The detailed validation of the final solution is performed to ensure that an organizations model works in synchronization with the defined future business processes and the system configuration; This is the last critical step prior to production deployment. Once ready we go live with the apprehensive and continuous Project Operation phase; our consultants finalize with transition evaluations and enable the production of software configurations. Moving to the production environment, this phase is recurring – allowing organizations and operations to fine tune the deployment model to handle any production exceptions.

Nexinfo Methodology Chart
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The implementation is solution driven based on best practices focusing on creating value to the customer from day one. Early visualization of the solution that will incorporate rapid feedback and easy change management.