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Cloud Managed Services

NexInfo offers Cloud Managed Services wherein the management and operation of cloud infrastructure and services on behalf of a client is managed by NexInfo as a Managed Service Partner (MSP). This includes the day-to-day administration, monitoring, optimization, and support of the client’s cloud environment to ensure its reliability, security, and performance.

In a managed services model, NexInfo takes responsibility for managing various aspects of the client’s cloud operations, such as:

Infrastructure Management:  Provisioning, configuration, and management of the Cloud Infrastructure, including compute, databases, serverless, cloud native services, storage, networking, and other resources. We ensure that the infrastructure is properly architected, optimized, and scaled to meet the client’s requirements.

Service Monitoring and Incident Management:  We monitor the performance and availability of the client’s Cloud Services, track metrics, identify issues or potential bottlenecks, and take proactive measures to resolve them. In case of incidents or service disruptions, the incident management process is undertaken including troubleshooting, resolution, and 3rd party vendor coordination.

Security and Compliance:  As an MSP, we ensure that the client’s cloud environment adheres to security best practices and regulatory compliance requirements specific to the client’s industry and business practices. This is achieved by implementing security controls and regular security audits, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting.

Performance Optimization and Cost Management: We monitor and provide recommendations for rightsizing the infrastructure with a balanced view between performance and cost. 

Change Management and Upgrades: Manage ongoing changes to the environment by collaborating with the client’s change management processes and overseeing upgrades or updates to the client’s cloud environment. This includes planning, testing, and implementing changes to the infrastructure or services while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

24/7 Support:  We provides round-the-clock support for the client’s cloud environment for monitoring, alerting, and responding to incidents. Our Level 1 support team is available 24×7 and for Business-Critical incidents, our engineers are available 24×7 on call. This ensures that the client has access to technical expertise and assistance whenever needed.

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