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Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Streamline your entire supply chain with a reliable provider of Oracle Supply Chain Management systems

Reach New Levels of Efficiency with Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Tool

Achieve total visibility over your supply chain operations with the full suite of Oracle SCM Cloud modules.

Why choose NexInfo for Oracle Cloud SCM?

As your supply chain affects all levels of your organization, having a robust Oracle Cloud Supply Chain platform ensures that you consolidate your records and transactions, helping your organization meet even the most stringent logistical demands. With business intelligence and process automation for your entire chain, it is easier to keep up with local, regional, and global supply chain networks.

Work with NexInfo today and ensure a smooth transition into the Oracle SCM environment, accelerating the return on your investment and improving both the employee and the customer experience.

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Oracle Supply Chain Management

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Advantages of NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud SCM Solutions

Full Suite of Oracle SCM Modules

From Oracle Cloud Supply Chain to Order Management Cloud, we offer all supply chain modules to help you kick off your own SCM innovations.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

With the Oracle supply chain cloud at your disposal, gain visibility across multiple sites and quickly respond to changes in your inventory and in the market.

Accelerate Material Flow

With a TMS Supply Chain module, you can easily optimize the physical movement of goods across your entire supply chain, backed with traceable reports at every step.

Streamline Warehouse Operations

As warehouse management is an integral part of Oracle SCM, a dedicated WMS supply chain module could help you minimize warehousing errors and achieve greater productivity.

Optimize Product Lifecycle

With the PLM Supply Chain module, you can take control of your product's entire lifecycle, from development to distribution, and access product history from the cloud.

End-to-End SCM Provider

With NexInfo, you no longer need another supplier for your entire supply chain—WMS to PLM—with cross-functional teams to guide you from planning to implementation.

No Surprise Costs

Approve project budgets without fear of cost creeps and surprise overruns, thanks to the NexInfo guarantee of fixed bid costs that align all parties involved.

Responsive Technical Support

With our onshore, in-house team of professionals, you’re never far away from the Oracle SCM and Oracle support you need.

Leadership Project Reviews

As you adopt the Oracle supply chain management system, our project is periodically reviewed by senior consultants to ensure quality and consistency.

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What You Gain from NexInfo’s Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

Oracle WMS - Warehouse Management System

Enjoy Cross-Functional Capabilities For All SCM Requirements

Multiple vendors means juggling multiple working arrangements, which can create gaps and discrepancies in the automated platform you’re planning to achieve.

Streamline your supply chain with the full stack capabilities of NexInfo

We can help you develop the Oracle SCM solution you need, including the following Oracle supply chain modules:

  • Oracle supply chain planning cloud
  • Supply chain transportation management
  • Logistics cloud
  • Order management
  • Procurement
  • And more

Cover all bases as you improve your supply chain operations, with an Oracle SCM provider that businesses trust.

Achieve Full Business Automation with PLM and WMS Capabilities

Achieve Full Business Automation with PLM and WMS Capabilities

Enhance your supply chain management capabilities by integrating your warehouse and product lifecycle management. Track inventory from raw materials to end user service and support.

Product Lifecycle Management

Available as a separate platform, Oracle PLM helps you consolidate data on the entire product lifecycle, covering the following areas:

  • Document control
  • Workflow optimization
  • Collaboration
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • And more

Warehouse Management

The Oracle WMS covers your supply chain with a dedicated module for handling receiving, inventory, and releasing—even across multiple sites, made possible with focus on the following:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Pick and Pack management
  • Labor management
  • Shipping
  • And more
Oracle PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

Improve Overall Organizational Efficiency With Oracle SCM Platform

Turn your supply chain challenges into opportunities for growth, with an SCM platform trusted by industry leaders.
Oracle Cloud PLM

Enjoy Technical Support from Experienced Professionals

The NexInfo family has over 300 consultants on staff, combining senior members with over 20 years of experience and junior professionals with at least 7 years in the field.

With our cross-functional rapid deployment teams, you can expect a quick resolution for all your Oracle cloud SCM concerns.

Our tech support includes the following areas:

  • Oracle SCM infrastructure support
  • Performance optimization
  • Hotfix deployment and repairs
  • Supply chain capacity planning
  • And more

With industry experts ready to help, minimize downtime and achieve superior productivity.

Absolutely Zero Surprise Costs

Cost is often a dealbreaker for massive undertakings such as an Oracle cloud supply chain platform, but not with NexInfo.

Beyond exceptional services, we guarantee reliable costings built on a transparent and comprehensive fixed bid that ensures no cost creeping occurs down the project pipeline. We do this through the following practices:

  • Submitting fixed and transparent bids
  • Implementing a zero-cost overrun policy
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)

Your Oracle cloud SCM is outlined so all stakeholders know what to expect, both in terms of service and pricing.

Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)