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ERP Implementation Services

Establishing Key ERP Performance Indicators

One important aspect of ERP system reporting is discovering and establishing the key performance indicators (KPIs). 

NexInfo’s project management team analyzes your business objectives to determine which KPIs will provide the most insight into operations concerning your goals.

ERP implementation plans are subsequently designed to ensure your system:

Realize your objectives and make more informed decisions with a reliable ERP implementation partner in your corner. 

The care taken in this effort is why NexInfo is among the top ERP implementation companies.

Data Analysis, Preparation, and Migration

One of the most important aspects of any ERP implementation project is preparing existing data for use in the new system. 

This effort involves extracting data and metrics from various sources. Examples of migrated data include:

Once the data is extracted, it is cleansed to remove duplicates, fill in missing information, and correct improperly placed information.

If necessary, the data is also transformed to adhere to the updated business processes.

NexInfo facilitates the proper migration of the data to the new ERP system by creating data templates that ensure it follows the correct format. 

The consultant team prioritizes the migration of existing data to ensure a seamless transition process.

ERP Implementation
Achieve ERP Success with Expert Implementation Services

ERP Customization Development Services

Some clients’ unique business processes are not modeled in any ERP software and cannot be transformed to best practices without sacrificing efficiency or quality. 

ERP customization mitigates these risks by ensuring your solution is tailored to your immediate needs 

Let NexInfo assist you with:

NexInfo strives to help you implement an ERP system that supports your operational objectives with consultant services you can trust.

Benefits of Partnering with NexInfo’s ERP Implementation Consultants

Focused on Your Business

Focusing on Objectives and Outcomes

Your business won’t enjoy the full benefits of ERP software if you try to replicate your existing processes.

NexInfo’s team of over 300 reliable ERP consultants helps you transform your business processes to ERP-friendly best practices by:

  • Analyzing your existing processes, organization, and data
  • Deriving a statement of overall objectives and business requirements 
  • Designing updated ERP processes based on best practices
  • Training the organization on the new processes

Partner with NexInfo and drive greater return on your ERP investment that focuses on best practices.

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Nexinfo Methodology Chart

Proven Methodology

ERP Implementation by Design

NexInfo has developed an ERP implementation process with a proven track record of success. The implementation process has five phases: 

  • Engage: Define corporate vision, objectives, and benefits.
  • Focus: Assess the business process impacts and get feedback.
  • Refine: Make changes to the solution, communicate, and train.
  • Enable: Perform data migration and launch the system.
  • Monitor: Monitor the adoption and compliance; identify and recommend changes.

With this repeatable process, NexInfo leaves nothing to chance.

Thorough System Testing

Testing for Bug-Free ERP Implementation

An error-filled ERP rollout does not benefit your business. NexInfo takes testing seriously with a rigorous testing process that includes. 

  • Thorough unit testing for all configurations and customizations
  • Integration testing to show that different parts of the system work together 
  • User acceptance testing, including test scripts and guidance
  • Verification and validation protocols for FDA-regulated clients

This testing process ensures NexInfo meets your requirements without bugs or gaps in functionality.

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Reporting & Dashboards

User Training

Making Users Productive from Day 1

A new ERP system can be daunting for many users. No software implementation project is complete without training. 

NexInfo ensures proper and effective use of your ERP system by your user community from the beginning with a comprehensive training process.

The project team delivers: 

  • Transaction training for front-line users and team leaders
  • Training on updated business processes
  • Maintenance and system administration training 

Upon completion of the training, your business can continue through deployment without missing a beat.

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