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The shift to the cloud has changed the landscape of packaged software. Until recent years, software vendors sold their products to customers and a system integrator would then build and deploy integrations for the software solutions to meet the needs of clients. Today, the deployment of such software applications usually happens on the cloud.

This shift created a need.


The deployment of applications on the cloud is very different from the deployment of traditional software. There are also limited standard integrations between traditional software packages and cloud applications.

The NexInfo Innovation Center (NINCE) was formed to develop standardized integrations between various traditional software packages used by clients and the newly introduced Cloud Applications.


The mission of NINCE is to understand the certification standards and design and build the Connectors required to integrate Cloud Applications with traditional software. NINCE will build and offer such Connectors, which will then be available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The Connectors will allow clients that have traditional software to easily adopt the latest Cloud Applications using the Connectors for easy connectivity.

NCAM Methodology

The implementation is solution driven based on best practices focusing on creating value to the customer from day one. Early visualization of the solution that will incorporate rapid feedback and easy change management.

NexInfo Innovation Center