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Mircosoft SharePoint Products and Web Technologies provide an extensible solution platform for Microsoft users and offers a wide array of built-in features and application hosting using easy to use development tools and technologies. SharePoint and Technologies brings a manageable and scalable server platform that employs greater benefits from your current Mircosoft Office system, with hosting applications on either an internal or internet web site.


Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of products and software that provides a foundation for greater collaboration, business intelligence, enterprise content management, process management modules, people and personalization services, enterprise search, LOB data integration, and processes.

SharePoint Products include Windows SharePoint Services, Mircosoft Office SharePoint Service, and Mircosoft Office SharePoint Designer.

Services include:

  • Administration Resources Center
  • Data Management
  • Information Services
  • Provisioning Resource Center
  • Security Resource Center
  • Web Parts Resource Center
  • Lifecycle Workflows

Capabilities include:

  • Collaboration & Social Computing
  • Portals
  • Enterprise Search
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Business Processes & Forms
  • Business Intelligence

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