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Oracle HCM Cloud is a comprehensive human capital management solution that provides businesses with a wide range of features and capabilities to manage their HR operations effectively. Oracle HCM Cloud empowers organizations to manage and deliver benefits programs that meet their unique requirements and help attract and retain talent. Oracle HCM Cloud focuses on HR management to build a succession planning process. 

Some of the key features of Oracle HCM Cloud include:

  1. Core HR: Provides essential HR capabilities such as employee records management, organization structures, and workforce modeling.
  2. Talent Management: Includes features for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, and succession planning.
  3. Workforce Management: Includes features for time and attendance management, absence management, and scheduling.
  4. Payroll: Enables payroll processing and provides support for global payroll operations.
  5. Benefits: Provides support for administering employee benefits programs and managing open enrollment.
  6. Analytics: Includes built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to help businesses gain insights into their workforce and HR operations.
  7. Mobile Access: Enables employees and managers to access HR services and information on-the-go through mobile devices.
  8. Compliance: Helps businesses stay compliant with local and global regulations by providing features such as legal reporting and data privacy controls.
  9. Integration: Provides integration capabilities to connect with other business applications and systems, such as finance and supply chain management.


At NexInfo, we offer implementation and consulting services for Oracle HCM Cloud to help businesses leverage these features and capabilities to improve their HR operations and workforce management. Our team of experts has extensive experience in implementing and maintaining Oracle HCM Cloud systems, and we can help businesses tailor the solution to meet their specific needs.

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