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FinOps as a Service

In today’s digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on cloud services to power their operations. However, without proper oversight, cloud spending can quickly spiral out of control, leaving organizations burdened with exorbitant bills and budget overruns. By embracing NexInfo’s FinOps Governance model, you take control of your cloud costs and unleash the full potential of your cloud investments.

As organizations embrace a cloud, cloud-first or cloud-native strategy, this drives changes within the technology arm of the organization by way of creating a decentralized operation.While organizations do implement standard templates for cloud cost controls e.g. resource shutdown during non-business hours, approval workflows for new provisioning, there are far greater hidden opportunities for optimizing cloud costs.
Our FinOps framework enables organizations to forecast their spend and tune it to its optimum level. The service provider agnostic governance model ensures cost controls by design and lays emphasis on cost through the solution development lifecycle to operations and maintenance. 
FinOps as a Service

With NexInfo’s FinOps as a Service model, you enable:

  • Controls by design: to optimize cloud costs through the lifecycle of an application/service development.
  • Optimization Architects: Experts who review designs from a cost lens and provide recommendations based on organizations’ priorities and roadmap.
  • Service and Hosting model agnostic implementation and operations
  • Industry best practices

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