How T.A. America Achieved Digital Transformation with Oracle Cloud

Streamlining Supply Chain and Business Processes with implementation by NexInfo

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies constantly seek ways to improve their operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. T.A. America, a multinational company with 50 facilities across 10 countries, recognized the need to modernize its supply chain and business processes to meet the growing demands of its customers.

The company’s legacy platform was no longer able to keep up with the company’s growth and complexity. T.A. America needed a more scalable, flexible, and integrated solution to manage its diverse product line, expansive supply chain, and global operations.

The Challenge

T.A. America faced several challenges in managing its complex supply chain and business processes:

  • Porting existing Oracle platform to Oracle Cloud: T.A. America needed to migrate its platform to the cloud to take advantage of cloud scalability and flexibility.
  • Handling large volumes of Inventory items: T.A. America’s diverse product line required a system that efficiently manages a large volume of inventory items.
  • Harmonizing business process for Multi-Geo rollout: T.A. America needed to harmonize its business processes for a multi-geo rollout with multiple legal entities in the Americas and LATAM.
  • Complex integrations and custom applications: T.A. America’s unique business requirements and integrations with third-party applications added complexity to the implementation.
  • Integration to the Mexico financial reporting system: T.A. America needed to integrate its cloud ERP system with the Mexico financial reporting system to create Tax Invoices.

Need for Digital Transformation

T.A. America selected Oracle Fusion Applications as the foundation for its digital transformation journey. Oracle Fusion Cloud’s comprehensive suite of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud SCM, and Oracle Cloud WMS solutions provided T.A. America with the scalability, flexibility, and integration capabilities needed to streamline its supply chain and business processes. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM, and Oracle Fusion Cloud WMS are integrated cloud applications designed to help businesses streamline their supply chains and optimize their business processes.


What is Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, SCM, and WMS?

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution on a single platform for managing all aspects of a business, from finance to human resources and supply chain management.

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM is a supply chain management (SCM) solution that helps businesses plan, execute, and monitor their supply chains to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Oracle Fusion Cloud WMS is a warehouse management system (WMS) that helps businesses manage their inventory and warehouse operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase accuracy.

Together, these solutions provide businesses with a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications for managing their business processes and supply chains.

Benefits of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, SCM, and WMS:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: The suite’s integrated nature helps businesses streamline their processes and eliminate waste.
  • Reduced costs: The suite helps businesses reduce costs by optimizing their supply chains and improving inventory management.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers received improved service due to real-time visibility of their supply chain patterns and inventory levels.
  • Improved decision-making: The suite provides businesses with real-time data and insights to help them make better decisions.

How did T.A. America benefits from a partnership with NexInfo to implement Oracle Cloud modules?

  • Oracle Cloud deployment: T.A. America deployed all its business processes on Oracle Cloud, taking advantage of its scalability and flexibility.
  • Custom applications and integrations: T.A. America developed applications and integrations using Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) to seamlessly integrate data between Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, SCM, WMS, and other custom applications.
  • Budgetary control: T.A. America implemented budgetary control to manage critical expenses.
  • Custom reports: T.A. America developed over 60 custom reports using Oracle Cloud’s OTBI and FRS reporting tools to support budgetary control, financial reporting, procurement, and supply chain management.
  • Data access control: T.A. America implemented data access control using native Oracle Fusion Cloud functionalities to enable data access by legal entities, segregate duties, and comply with audit policies.
  • Pre-built connectors: T.A. America used pre-built connectors to facilitate data transfer from legacy applications to Oracle Fusion Cloud applications.

Benefits of implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM, Oracle Fusion Cloud WMS

The implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Oracle Fusion Cloud WMS resulted in several significant benefits for T.A. America, including:

Improved total cost of ownership (TCO): T.A. America reduced its TCO by moving to Oracle Cloud.

Out-of-the-box disaster recovery: Oracle Cloud’s out-of-the-box disaster recovery mechanisms provided T.A. America’s I.T. team peace of mind.

Integrated system across geographies: The integrated system provided T.A. America with a real-time view of inventory across all its geographies, reducing lead times.

Real-time available-to-promise (ATP) commitments: T.A. America made real-time ATP commitments and quickly responded to demand changes.

Streamlined processes: Streamlined order-to-cash, procurement, and financial processes enhanced T.A. America’s ability to respond to customer changes.

T.A. America’s digital transformation journey with Oracle Cloud is a success story demonstrating the power of cloud-based Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM, and Oracle Fusion Cloud WMS solutions to streamline supply chains, optimize business processes, and achieve operational excellence along with trusted Oracle Implementation consultants, NexInfo who left no stone unturned to help achieve the path of digital transformational success. By leveraging Oracle Fusion Cloud’s comprehensive suite of solutions, T.A. America has gained a competitive edge and positioned itself for continued growth and success.