ARRIS Accelerates Innovation and Efficiency with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain

Digital transformation solutions and successful implementation by NexInfo

Agility and efficiency are paramount for success in the dynamic and ever-evolving telecommunications industry. ARRIS, a global leader in telecommunications equipment and software, recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure and streamline operations to remain competitive. By partnering with NexInfo, a trusted Oracle Cloud implementation partner and provider of digital transformation solutions, ARRIS embarked on a journey to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain solutions.

What are the challenges faced in the telecommunications and software businesses?

ARRIS’s existing ERP systems faced several challenges, hindering their ability to manage complex order-to-cash and supply chain processes effectively. These challenges included:

  • A convoluted order-to-cash process: The existing system needed help to handle ARRIS’s diverse sales and revenue models, leading to inefficient order processing and delayed revenue recognition.
  • Lack of visibility into inventory: The system needed more real-time visibility into inventory levels, making optimizing stock management and preventing stockouts or overstocking challenging.
  • Complex procurement processes: The multi-level procurement processes and cross-docking requirements needed to be more convenient to manage manually, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.

Transforming Operations with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain

ARRIS partnered with Nexinfo, a seasoned expert in Oracle Fusion Cloud solutions, to address these challenges in implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain. This comprehensive solution provided the necessary capabilities to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

  • Redesigned order-to-cash process: The new system streamlined the process, enabling ARRIS to manage complex sales models and expedite revenue recognition.
  • Enhanced inventory visibility: Real-time inventory visibility across ARRIS’s global operations enabled better stock management and reduced the risk of stockouts or overstocking.
  • Optimized procurement processes: The new module simplified multi-level procurement processes and cross-docking activities, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

How to Drive Business Growth? What are the benefits of implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain?

The implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain delivered significant benefits to ARRIS, including:

  • Improved order prioritization: The system intelligently prioritized orders, ensuring timely fulfillment and meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Enhanced project tracking: Detailed project tracking facilitated the timely delivery of telecommunications projects, ensuring the timely deployment of cable, digital data, and spectrum.
  • Minimized installation times: Streamlined processes and optimized inventory management, minimized installation times for telecommunications equipment and software, improving customer satisfaction.


How to Conduct Successful Implementation?

Nexinfo played a critical role in the successful implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain, providing comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle:

  • Thorough requirements gathering: Nexinfo meticulously analyzed ARRIS’s business requirements to ensure the system aligned with their unique needs.
  • Seamless system configuration: Nexinfo expertly configured and customized the Oracle Cloud solutions to meet ARRIS’s requirements and business processes.
  • Data migration expertise: Nexinfo handled the complex data migration process, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data transfer between systems.
  • End-to-end user training: Nexinfo provided comprehensive training to ARRIS employees, enabling them to utilize the new systems and maximize their benefits effectively.
  • Continuous ongoing support: Nexinfo maintained ongoing support to address any issues or questions that arose post-implementation, ensuring the system operated smoothly.

The successful implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain has transformed ARRIS’s IT infrastructure and operations, enabling them to streamline processes, enhance visibility, and drive business growth. With Nexinfo as a trusted partner, ARRIS has demonstrated the power of digital transformation to achieve operational excellence and market leadership.

Nexinfo’s Implementation Support

Nexinfo’s experienced consultants were critical in successfully implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain solutions at ARRIS. Nexinfo provided comprehensive support throughout the implementation process, including:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • System configuration and customization
  • Data migration
  • User training
  • Ongoing support

Implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Supply Chain solutions has succeeded for ARRIS. The solutions have streamlined complex business processes, improved visibility into operations, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Nexinfo’s team of experienced consultants was critical to the project’s success.