Optimize Your Safety Stock Strategy

Discover how to adapt safety stock to dynamic supply chain changes with our tailored solutions.

Key questions to Ask

  • Flexibility in Safety Stock: Can your strategy adapt to varying demands seamlessly?
  • Ease of Adjustment: Can safety stock goals be easily modified to suit evolving needs?
  • Identifying Discrepancies: Can you pinpoint discrepancies between safety stock and demand?
  • Automated Management: Is automatic Dynamic Safety Stock management possible in JDE?

NexInfo’s Solution:

We leverage existing JDE data to create tools enabling you to

  • Analyze and understand demand patterns
  • Identify exceptions effortlessly
  • Redefine safety stock objectives
  • Revise safety stock levels without manual SKU intervention

Solve your safety stock challenges with our streamlined Dynamic Safety Stock Solution.

Optimize your safety stock strategy for a dynamic supply chain.