NexInfo is honored to announce that we closed out 2019 as one of CIO Review’s 10 Most Promising ERP Consulting/Service Companies.

In pursuit of responsiveness, enterprises often rapidly adopt disparate applications for immediate departmental needs – ERP here, CRM there. NexInfo CEO Arun Cavale warns that despite covering short-term gaps, this fractured landscape hinders sustainable success and introduces technical debt. 

Arun Cavale details how fragmented business software ecosystems strain IT support, multiply integration overheads, complicate upgrades, limit data accessibility, and ultimately obstruct long-term scaling and innovation. While seeming expeditious initially, disparate solutions form shaky foundations as companies grow.

The alternative Arun Cavale outlines focuses on holistic platforms adopting unified data models. By consolidating core functionality across departments onto integrated enterprise clouds like Oracle’s, businesses gain accessibility, future-proof scalability and streamline support. 

Rather than quick-fix Band-Aids, Cavale advocates for solutions supporting enduring transformation. Forward-thinking integration aligns with organizational imperatives for agility, intelligence and efficiency. 

To learn more about sidestepping piecemeal systems’ pitfalls through comprehensive cloud adoption approaches, click here. The insights detail how integrated platforms empower enterprises with flexibility to respond to whatever comes next – without technical constraints tethering potential.