Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, or EPM, is a robust software solution that helps businesses to model and plan in a cross-functional way. 

Due to its increased visibility and insight, Oracle’s EPM facilitates better decision making for:

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Human resources

Read for a closer look at the key features of Oracle EPM Cloud and how your business can benefit from implementing it.

Business Processes Covered in Oracle Cloud EPM 

Business management systems are being created faster than anyone can keep up. Even if your business doesn’t produce or manufacture physical goods, having a system you can trust to tie all aspects and departments together is crucial. 

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud provides not only complete visibility into all processes, but data and performance indicators to manage whatever comes your way. 
Let’s examine some of the major Oracle Cloud EPM modules and their functions.


Oracle’s Planning module takes a forward-thinking approach, connecting forecasting, predictive planning and budgeting with best practices and advanced technologies. Launch goal-oriented, driver-based plans across finance, operations, and specific lines of business. 

All plans are viewable from interactive dashboards as well as tied into reporting and what-if models for up-to-the-minute analysis.

Profitability and Cost Management

Knowing where to take your business is usually based partly on an inherent feeling and partly on profits and cost analysis. This module helps companies understand their most profitable areas and where the largest costs are incurred. 

The features of this module enable the user to consider all aspects of a business case before moving forward with any type of investment. They include what-if scenarios for:

  • Profitability
  • Shared service costing
  • IT financial management
  • Tax transfer pricing 

Financial Consolidation and Close

This Oracle EPM cloud service module helps companies close their books quickly with accurate and transparent reporting for less days to reconciliation. Automation of all financial closing procedures including monitoring the process itself eliminates manual efforts and reduces error. 

Needs are met with built-in best practice functioning to lessen the need for customization. However, the Application Creation Wizard and Upgradable Framework allow companies to decide how to run the administration of the entire consolidation and close system. 

Tax Reporting

The Tax Reporting module in the Oracle cloud integrates tax with all financial systems. Existing processes are leveraged to provide tax with transparency without duplicating effort or replication, decreasing the likelihood of stale data. 

This area is a truly tax-owned solution for companies reporting under IFRS and/or U.S. GAAP.  A dashboard for global tax monitoring and all tax-related tasks encompasses tax provision and country-by-country reporting (CbCR). This includes a tax automation engine, tax data collection and calculations.

Narrative Reporting

Collaboratively author, publish and securely distribute reports that meet multiple regulatory formats and mandates. Access always current data directly from Hyperion, other Oracle EPM cloud applications and native databases and publishing apps. 

Subject matter experts across your organization can be invited to work on permission-specific report sections, so you present the most accurate narrative possible.

Oracle ERP Financial


    Enterprise Data Management

    Validate and manage data from both Oracle and non-Oracle business applications. EDM includes the use of varying perspectives or “viewpoints,” used within data governance, change data visualization, and hierarchy management. 

    The use of “subscriptions” copy and distribute changes made in one business context automatically to a downstream application. External auditors have the ability to browse, filter, and download detailed change histories.

    Your Trusted Partner for Oracle EPM Cloud Implementation

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