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Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud

Oracle SCM is a Cloud-based supply chain management solution that helps businesses optimize their supply chains. The solution offers comprehensive features covering the entire supply chain, from planning and forecasting to manufacturing and distribution.

Oracle SCM gives businesses real-time visibility across the supply chain to make better decisions and improve their agility. Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to innovate, execute, and scale your value chain. Businesses can be rapidly deployed Oracle Supply Chain Management and the Cloud functionality with minimal risk, low cost, and maximum flexibility. With the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, companies cannot maintain or upgrade to the latest version. They can receive the newest subscription pricing model.

Benefits of Oracle SCM Cloud

  1. Improved visibility: Oracle SCM Cloud provides real-time visibility across the entire supply chain, so businesses can make better decisions and improve their agility.
  2. Reduced costs: Oracle SCM Cloud can help businesses reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing procurement costs.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction: Oracle SCM Cloud can help businesses improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate information about product availability and delivery times.
  4. Enhanced compliance: Oracle SCM Cloud can help businesses comply with regulations by providing a single source of truth for supply chain data.
  5. Improved decision-making: Oracle SCM Cloud provides insights to businesses into their supply chain data.

Features of Oracle SCM Cloud

  1. Planning and forecasting: Oracle SCM Cloud provides comprehensive planning and forecasting tools that help businesses forecast demand, plan production, and manage inventory.
  2. Manufacturing: Oracle SCM Cloud provides manufacturing tools that help businesses optimize manufacturing processes and improve quality control.
  3. Distribution: Oracle SCM Cloud offers tools that help businesses optimize their distribution networks and improve customer service.
  4. Procurement: Oracle SCM Cloud has procurement tools that help businesses find the best suppliers, negotiate the best prices, and manage supplier relationships.
  5. Compliance: Oracle SCM Cloud helps businesses comply with regulations by providing a single source for supply chain data.
  6. Analytics: Oracle SCM Cloud provides businesses with insights into their supply chain data, which can help them make better decisions.

With Oracle SCM Cloud, businesses can:

  • Optimize their inventory levels to reduce carrying costs and improve fill rates
  • Improve their transportation efficiency to reduce delivery times and costs
  • Track their environmental impact to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Integrate with other systems to improve efficiency and visibility 
  • Scale business operations to meet the demands of their growing business

Oracle SCM Cloud is an excellent option for businesses looking for a Cloud-based solution that can help them improve their supply chain performance. Whether you are a manufacturer, a retailer, or a distributor, Oracle SCM Cloud can help you achieve your business goals.

To get started with Oracle SCM Cloud, you can contact us to learn more about the solution and to schedule a demo. NexInfo is a leading provider of Oracle Cloud solutions, and they can help you implement Oracle SCM Cloud in your organization.

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