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NoCOUG 2017 Fall Conference

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NoCOUG 2017 Fall Conference

NoCOUG 2017 Fall Conference


The NoCOUG 2017 Fall Conference in Oakland, CA served as an essential platform for professionals interested in Oracle solutions, where NexInfo played a pivotal role in showcasing their expertise in Oracle cloud solutions and services. Their participation at the conference offered attendees valuable insights into leveraging Oracle technologies for operational transformation.

The NexInfo booth at the conference likely provided a focal point for attendees seeking information on Oracle cloud solutions and other leading Oracle services and solutions. Some key highlights of NexInfo’s booth presence might have included:

1. Oracle Cloud Solutions Showcase: Demonstrations and discussions showcasing how NexInfo has assisted clients in leveraging Oracle Cloud solutions. This could encompass various aspects such as ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, or other pertinent modules, emphasizing their role in driving efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased agility for businesses.

2. Operational Transformation: Insights into how NexInfo’s expertise in Oracle solutions has facilitated operational transformations for clients. Attendees may have learned about successful case studies, practical implementations, and tangible benefits achieved through NexInfo’s solutions.

3. Consultation and Engagement: Attendees likely had the opportunity to engage in discussions with NexInfo experts, receiving personalized advice, exploring potential solutions for their specific business challenges, and gaining valuable insights into Oracle technologies.

Moreover, NexInfo conducted a presentation during the conference, focusing on a topic relevant to the audience:

How to Prepare for Moving Oracle Applications to the Cloud: This presentation would have addressed the essential steps, strategies, and considerations for organizations planning to transition their Oracle applications to the Cloud. Attendees would have gained insights into the preparation process, potential challenges, best practices, and the benefits of migrating Oracle applications to the Cloud.

NexInfo’s participation at the NoCOUG 2017 Fall Conference aimed to educate, inform, and engage attendees with the transformative potential of Oracle solutions, especially in the context of Cloud adoption. Their booth presence and presentation offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of how Oracle technologies can drive operational efficiencies, cost savings, and increased agility within organizations.

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Nov 09 2017


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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