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East Coast Oracle Users Conference

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East Coast Oracle Users Conference

East Coast Oracle Users Conference


The East Coast Oracle Users Conference in Raleigh, NC served as a focal point for professionals seeking insights into leveraging Oracle solutions for operational excellence. NexInfo’s presence at the event provided attendees with an opportunity to understand how their expertise in Oracle Cloud and other solutions drives operational excellence for their clients.

The NexInfo booth likely served as an interactive space for attendees to explore and learn about various Oracle solutions, especially focusing on Oracle Cloud. Some key highlights at the NexInfo booth might have included:

1. Oracle Cloud Solutions Showcase: Demonstrations and discussions showcasing how NexInfo has successfully helped clients leverage Oracle Cloud solutions. This could include ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, or other relevant modules, emphasizing how these solutions drive operational excellence.

2. Operational Excellence through Oracle Solutions: Insights into how NexInfo’s implementations and expertise with Oracle solutions accelerate operational excellence for businesses. Attendees might have gained insights into optimization strategies, efficiency improvements, and cost-saving measures enabled by Oracle solutions.

3. Consultation and Engagement: The booth likely offered opportunities for one-on-one consultations with NexInfo experts, providing tailored advice, answering queries, and discussing potential solutions for specific business needs.

Additionally, NexInfo conducted sessions during the conference, focusing on key topics relevant to attendees’ interests:

1. Solving Your Production Schedule Conflicts with Oracle Production Scheduling: This session probably addressed challenges in production scheduling and how Oracle Production Scheduling solutions can mitigate conflicts, improve efficiency, and streamline production processes.

2. How Collaboration on the Cloud Is Changing Product Development and the Business Landscape: This session might have explored the transformative impact of cloud-based collaboration tools on product development processes. It likely highlighted how Oracle Cloud facilitates enhanced collaboration, innovation, and agility in product development, reshaping business landscapes.

The sessions and booth presence by NexInfo at the East Coast Oracle Users Conference aimed to educate attendees about the transformative potential of Oracle solutions, emphasizing their role in driving operational excellence and fostering innovation. These engagements provided a platform for learning, networking, and understanding how Oracle technologies can revolutionize business operations.

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Nov 08 2017

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