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Webinar – Make Your Warehouse More Efficient with Powerful Mobile Solutions

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Webinar – Make Your Warehouse More Efficient with Powerful Mobile Solutions


Discover the Power of Mobility in Warehouse Efficiency

We extend a warm invitation to you to join us for an insightful session focused on unlocking the potential of mobility to drive efficiency within your warehouse operations. Whether you’re a business decision-maker seeking strategic insights or a technical user exploring practical applications, this use-case-driven session promises valuable takeaways for all.

What to expect:

In this engaging session, we will delve into real-world scenarios drawn from our experiences working closely with customers across various industries. Our discussion will center around the impactful role of mobility solutions in enhancing inventory management, optimizing manufacturing processes, and streamlining maintenance operations within warehouse environments.

Key Highlights of the Session:

Inventory Management: Explore how mobility solutions can revolutionize inventory management practices, leading to increased accuracy, real-time visibility, and seamless tracking of inventory movements. Discover strategies to minimize errors and streamline inventory workflows for improved operational efficiency.

Manufacturing Optimization: Gain insights into leveraging mobility tools to optimize manufacturing processes within warehouse settings. Learn how mobility-driven solutions enable better coordination, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity on the factory floor.

Maintenance Efficiency: Uncover the transformative potential of mobility in enhancing maintenance activities within warehouses. Explore how mobile-enabled solutions facilitate proactive maintenance, rapid issue resolution, and overall equipment efficiency improvements.

This session isn’t just about theoretical concepts; it’s a deep dive into practical use cases and success stories that showcase the tangible benefits of implementing mobility-driven solutions in warehouse operations.

Why Attend:

Strategic Insights: Gain a strategic understanding of how mobility can be a game-changer in warehouse efficiency, enabling you to make informed decisions for your organization.

Real-World Examples: Explore real customer scenarios and learn from practical applications of mobility solutions in inventory management, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Networking Opportunity: Engage with industry experts, share experiences, and connect with peers who are also navigating the landscape of warehouse optimization through mobility.

Join us for this illuminating session where we’ll uncover the untapped potential of mobility in driving efficiencies within warehouse operations. Whether you’re looking to optimize inventory, enhance manufacturing processes, or streamline maintenance activities, this session will equip you with valuable insights to propel your warehouse operations to new heights of efficiency.

NexInfo and Intellinum are teaming up with the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG) to show you how mobility can drive efficiencies in your warehouse!

Supply chain and warehouse management are having their moment – and their challenges. With a sharp increase in the number of goods consumed globally and constraints in moving and managing these goods, supply chain execution is at the front of business owners’ and consumers’ minds.

To help curb these challenges, businesses are in critical need of solutions that allow them to control and manage their inventory, manufacturing, and warehouse activities more efficiently. Integrated mobile solutions do just that. An integrated mobile solution on the warehouse floor lets companies perform their unique processes faster and more accurately using barcode and labeling controls. Capturing data is one piece of the puzzle; the other is ensuring that information is represented in a system business decision-makers can review.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is happening in today’s supply chains that are making the use of solutions such as integrated mobile solutions so critical?
  2. What do barcode and mobile scanning bring to an operation and how can they be utilized?
  3. Why is it essential to have real-time controls reflected in your ERP, WMS, or MES?


Presented by:
Jack Pyde, Intellinum, Partnership and Sales Manager
Erika Medina, NexInfo Solutions Inc., Associate Marketing Analyst

The event is finished.


May 19 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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