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Q3 2016 SCUG Meeting

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Q3 2016 SCUG Meeting

Q3 2016 SCUG Meeting

The Q3 2016 SCUG (Southern California User Group) Meeting held on October 20, 2016, was a gathering focused on fostering collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing among users of Oracle JD Edwards software products in the Southern California region. The primary aim of SCUG meetings is to facilitate networking opportunities and enable discussions among individuals who encounter similar experiences and challenges while utilizing Oracle’s EnterpriseOne and Worldsoftware product lines.

Key aspects and objectives of the Q3 2016 SCUG Meeting likely included:

1. Networking and Communication: The meeting provided a platform for users to connect and engage with peers, sharing their experiences, insights, and challenges encountered while working with Oracle JD Edwards software. Attendees would have had the chance to establish valuable contacts within the community.

2. Experience Sharing: Users likely shared their best practices, lessons learned, and innovative strategies for leveraging EnterpriseOne and World software products effectively. Discussions might have covered various functionalities, implementation tips, and solutions for common issues.

3. Learning and Collaboration: Attendees could have gained knowledge about updates, new features, and enhancements within the JD Edwards software ecosystem. Collaboration among users might have included discussions on optimizing workflows, system integrations, and maximizing the software’s capabilities.

4. Expert Insights: The meeting might have included sessions led by experts or industry professionals providing insights into the latest trends, industry practices, and future developments related to Oracle JD Edwards software.

Overall, the Q3 2016 SCUG Meeting served as an invaluable forum for users of Oracle JD Edwards software in Southern California to engage, learn from each other’s experiences, and collectively explore solutions and best practices to enhance their utilization of EnterpriseOne and World software product lines.



The event is finished.


Oct 20 2016


8:00 am - 6:00 pm