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Best of the Best S&OP 2017 Conference

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Best of the Best S&OP 2017 Conference

Best of the Best S&OP 2017 Conference


The Best of the Best S&OP 2017 Conference in Chicago provided an excellent opportunity for professionals interested in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. NexInfo’s participation at this event showcased their expertise in helping companies implement S&OP processes to drive efficiency and profitability while optimizing inventory management and operational costs.

At the NexInfo booth during the conference, attendees likely had access to valuable insights into S&OP processes and how NexInfo’s solutions contribute to operational excellence:

1. S&OP Implementation Expertise: Demonstrations, discussions, and case studies showcasing how NexInfo has assisted companies in successfully implementing S&OP processes. Attendees would have gained insights into strategies for optimizing inventory, reducing operational costs, and enhancing profitability through efficient planning.

2. Minimizing Unnecessary Inventory Buildup: Insights into how S&OP processes can contribute to minimizing unnecessary inventory buildup. Discussions might have focused on demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and strategies to maintain optimal inventory levels without overstocking.

3. Cost Reduction Strategies: Discussions and presentations highlighting how effective S&OP processes contribute to reducing operational costs. This might have included discussions on supply chain efficiency, lead time reduction, and other strategies to optimize costs.

4. Maximizing Overall Profitability: Insights into how NexInfo’s S&OP solutions contribute to maximizing overall profitability. Attendees would have learned about aligning sales, production, and financial planning to drive improved margins and revenue growth.

Additionally, NexInfo might have organized a contest or giveaway at their booth, offering attendees the chance to win prizes like a Parrot Drone and other exciting giveaways. These engagement activities typically encourage interaction, networking, and discussions around best practices in S&OP processes.

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Jun 15 - 16 2017


7:30 am - 12:00 pm