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NexInfo brings the perfect blend of trusted consulting
and software implementation expertise.

NexInfo brings the perfect blend of trusted consulting and software implementation expertise

Industry Leaders Trust NexInfo for a Competitive Advantage

Transform Your Business With Strategy and Operations Consulting


Business Process Design

NexInfo uses an objective, holistic approach to identify opportunities for improvement to operating models, leading to increased efficiencies and optimized operations.

Software Implementations

Leverage all features and reliably integrate the latest cloud-based and hybrid software from Oracle, SAP, Enovia, Vanguard, Kinaxis, Microsoft, and more.

Managed Functional IT Support

Get configuration of the day-to-day functions of a program or system including monitoring and resolution of transactions, workflows, concurrent programs, and screen errors.

Master Data Management

Solidify the process of clearly defining and managing master data. A consistent, modular approach for superior risk compliance and decision-making capability.

Documentation Services

Bridge the gap between technology and the end-user by delivering quality documentation, tools and services based on usability studies.

Forecasting and Demand Planning Launches

Facilitate and plan beyond forecast accuracy by using all demand channels and resources for positive and profitable results.

Supply Chain Optimization

Benefit from improvements in operations management including material planning, distribution, consignment and scheduling with tailored configurations to software from industry leaders.

PLM for Pharma and Life Sciences

Improve compliance and controls with workflows for submission, reviews, and approvals of packaging, labeling and artwork using modern software that fits your needs.

Staffing Solutions

NexInfo’s recruitment team increases the number of highly-focused, driven, and responsive professionals in your workforce for specific projects or longer durations.

NCAM methodology

NexInfo NCAM Methodology

NexGen Methodology


Why NexInfo is a Premier Operations Consulting Group


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Surprises with NexInfo’s fixed-bid guarantee

What NexInfo’s Business Operations Consulting Services Include

ERP Expertise From Every Angle

NexInfo is a seasoned ERP consulting company bringing the total package to your system launches. 

Experienced Consultants

The consultant team touts an average of 13 years of experience, top ERP software certifications, and expertise in all functional areas.

Complete Coverage

Most competitors only support one functional area ERP, requiring clients to hire multiple vendors. NexInfo covers everything.

Expertise You Can Trust

As your trusted business operations consultant, NexInfo can assist you with software deployment, organizational design, ongoing managed services, and business operations strategy.

Strategic Insight

NexInfo’s strategy targets key players in leadership, bolstering understanding of the current need, strengths, and the potential of your new software. This paves the way for changes required to advance your business.

The NexInfo Advantage

NexInfo is a leading operations consulting firm specializing in ERP, HCM, PLM, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Here are the reasons why choosing NexInfo as your business operations consultant gives your organization a competitive advantage.

Discover the hidden potential of your current software with in-depth analysis and software audits.

Discover the hidden potential of your current software with in-depth analysis and software audits.

Choosing NexInfo reduces costs with one end-to-end solution for strategy, software implementation and ongoing managed services.

Mitigate risk and adapt to changes with thoroughly vetted system designs and project implementation roadmaps.

Improve operational efficiency with newly-licensed, user-friendly and flexible cloud-based software.

Avoid downtime during software implementation with expert deployment services and operations.

Business Operations Consulting Firm
Strategy and Operations Consulting

Fundamental Testing of Production Readiness

As a trusted business operations consulting firm, NexInfo’s team recognizes how critical it is to test and confirm a system before deployment. 

When consulting for business operations, NexInfo uses a combination of migration testing, confirmations and configuration validation to verify all models are production ready.

NexInfo’s work doesn’t end when the product is launched. As your organization uses the new software and systems, real-world scenarios may fall outside the previous process scope.

The team rapidly identifies and implements changes. They keep your business performing seamlessly with recurring transition evaluations and fine tuning of models. 

NexInfo understands that an organization that grows and adapts is successful, which is why trusting that your system can handle exceptions is crucial.

Expert Technical Application Support

Maintain productivity within your organization with proactive application management consulting

Avoid unnecessary strain on your internal teams and costly downtime with NexInfo’s technical assistance and rapid issue resolution.

Working with a business operations consulting firm like NexInfo gives you access to on-site or virtual support and training for operator empowerment and success.

Let the experts manage your software to meet modern industry standards. NexInfo’s support specialists are able to monitor software updates, recommend upgrades and create patches as necessary.

Your organization will benefit from high-quality support, comparable to the “Big 5” top operations consulting firms, but at a fraction of the cost.

Join Our Team

Trustworthy Consulting for Business Operations

Benefit From Expert Insight

From conception to completion, NexInfo’s consultant team navigates your business through the entire process.

Your Strategic Partner

NexInfo’s operations management consulting experts help you develop and implement actionable strategies that are rooted in industry best practices.

NexInfo Business Operations Consulting Firm


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