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Accelerate Operational Excellence With Proactive Healthcare ERP Solutions

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Medical & Healthcare ERP Software Systems

ERP for Healthcare Roadmap and Change Management Plan

Get actionable insight prior to launching or upgrading your ERP medical system with detailed road maps of all applications.

A change management plan is included to ensure that newly deployed applications are being used correctly and that you achieve a greater ROI.

Innovation for Healthcare Professionals With New or Existing ERP Software

NexInfo can leverage your existing ERP healthcare investment while seamlessly adopting new technologies.

By auditing your current software, NexInfo’s consultants can integrate solutions with system upgrades and patches.

If you need an entirely new system, NexInfo’s ERP experts help you pick the best software for your healthcare organization.

Healthcare ERP Systems
Medical ERP software consulting

HIPAA Compliance From the Ground Up

In order to ensure ease-of-use and accessibility, NexInfo’s consultants begin by deploying HIPAA-compliant cloud software.

Building your organization on healthcare ERP software that already conforms to HIPAA regulations creates an entire infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant.

Best practices and procedures flourish with NexInfo’s customized applications that protect medical records and foster adherence across the entire organization.

A Closer Look at NexInfo’s Medical ERP System Consulting

Streamline Processes

Avoid Uncertainty With Enterprise Resource Planning


NexInfo’s ERP consultancy process starts with a discovery phase that provides the consultants with insight into how your specific business works.

The focus is on challenges unique to your facility and the healthcare industry in general. The consultant team keeps your specific needs in at the forefront while they:

  • Conduct risk assessments 
  • Implement risk mitigation plans
  • Analyze key performance indicators of existing operations
  • Design and deploy software systems to support new processes
  • Assess and update processes to improve metrics and meet your specific goals

NexInfo takes the information they gather to address your most significant needs, whether it is the latest ERP system or specific add-on processes.

Operations and supply chain management
Oracle WMS - Warehouse Management System

Supply Chain Solutions

Enhance Your ERP Solutions for Healthcare

As more pressure is placed on the hospital system, the ability to scale is paramount. NexInfo can help you launch or improve upon your medical ERP system with:

  • Inventory management
  • Quality control and compliance
  • Resource allocation response time
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Forecast Implementation with real-time updates
  • Healthcare professional data access and agency

The NexInfo team uses their unique ERP solutions for healthcare to provide a predictable plan and keep costs in-line.

Optimizing your system and integrating a trustworthy forecast helps balance resource supply and demand. This balance improves facilities management to deliver quality patient care.

Upgrades For Best Practices

The Evolution of Medical ERP Software Systems

Upgrading your ERP for medical system has trickle-down benefits that affect every aspect of your business including:

  • Cost reductions
  • Automatic HIPAA compliance
  • Growth and change management
  • Accurate purchasing and fulfillment
  • Improved patient resource response time

NexInfo customizes your system with flexibility in mind so that your facility can evolve and adapt to changes quickly.

Corporate Business
IT Application & Integration Projects

Financial Planning Overhaul

Control Your Financial Landscape

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are in the business of saving lives, but they are still a business.

NexInfo can help you transform your ERP system to not only manage demand but also keep track of costs, pricing and non-inventory resources. 

An up-to-date ERP improves financial processes with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Operating costs assessment
  • System auditing for accuracy
  • “What-if” modeling capabilities
  • Scaled expansion management
  • Collaborative budgeting solutions
  • Reducing unused and slow-moving inventory

NexInfo helps you achieve operational efficiency through cohesive planning that touches every aspect of the organization.

The consultant team can help you discover the financial benefits of ERP. These numbers might be calculated in Accounting but come from optimizing processes in:

  • Research
  • Patient services
  • Supply planning
  • Human resources
  • Quality patient care
  • And more

Metrics Designed for Transparency

Customized, Simplified Metrics and Reporting

Not only do NexInfo’s consultants identify metrics that need to be monitored, they can design upgrades for better visibility at your healthcare institution.

Viewing your KPIs becomes easier and more efficient with:

  • Customized reporting
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Continuous metrics monitoring
  • End-to-end visibility of business processes

NexInfo helps you improve with complete access to the data you need to support meaningful change.

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