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Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation Best Practices

Oracle ERP Implementation

A successful Oracle Cloud ERP implementation can help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and boost your bottom line. However, 75% of ERP projects fail to meet their intended objectives. Why is this? There are several Oracle Cloud ERP implementation challenges that businesses face without having the proper knowledge or resources to mitigate them. Too many companies […]

What Is Cloud-Based ERP Software and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Cloud-Based ERP Software

Businesses are under increasing pressure to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth. To achieve these goals, many are turning to cloud-based solutions, including cloud-based ERP software. In a study by Panorama Consulting Solutions, ERP implementation led to business process improvement of 95% for organizations. This trend is particularly evident with cloud ERP solutions, […]

Oracle ERP Cloud: 6 Great Reasons to Take a New Look

Oracle ERP Cloud

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is key for the successful management of your business processes. These increasingly sophisticated systems have allowed organizations to improve efficiency, data management, collaboration, and customer service—all while reducing errors and expenses. Today, it’s estimated that 95% of organizations using enterprise resource planning software achieve valuable business outcomes. But certain frustrations […]

Oracle Cloud Migration: Steps to a Successful ERP Deployment

Oracle Cloud Migration

Following the right Oracle cloud migration steps is critical for a successful deployment. With the rise of cloud computing, more and more businesses are moving to the cloud to reap the benefits it provides, including improved flexibility, scalability, and data security. When you move your ERP system into the cloud, it means that the ERP […]

How to Choose the Right Cloud-Based ERP for Your Organization

Cloud Based ERP

Businesses that select cloud-based ERP solutions for their needs are keenly aware of the ways enterprise resource software (ERP) helps them thrive. It supports many business-critical functions, like resource management and faster operations. Cloud-based ERPs are also an excellent way to future-proof your business. Their centralized nature is an easy way to simplify collaboration and […]

WMS for Small Business

WMS for Small Business

WMS Systems As more businesses adopt cloud-based WMS to help manage and coordinate logistics, small businesses are also seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution. Thanks to a growing number of SaaS options, WMS for small businesses is a reality that many SMBs can take advantage of. Our guide to WMS software for small business looks […]

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM for Healthcare

Oracle SCM Cloud for Healthcare

Healthcare is among the most critical industries, whether it’s providing medical services or manufacturing and distributing drugs,  the entire operations and supply chain management allow minimal room for error. As covid surges taught us, planning the supply chain to meet the ever-varying demand with surges can be very challenging and also critical to saving lives.  […]

Oracle Cloud HCM vs. Peoplesoft

Oracle HCM vs. Peoplesoft

Cloud technology and cloud applications delivered in a SAAS model is a model going forward that will continue to gain prominence and is the direction in which the industry is heading. While Oracle has committed to supporting Peoplesoft applications until 2032 and also enhancing some of its capabilities, the greater part of Oracle’s investments is […]

5 Secrets of Successful Cloud ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

While many companies have recognized the value of Cloud ERP, not everyone succeeds in the implementation of Cloud ERP systems.  Oracle Cloud ERP planning and implementation aren’t just about adopting software; they’re about many motivated people working toward a single goal with adequate resources. How those people accept or reject a new system can determine […]

Webinar: Streamline & Simplify Your Audit Process Using Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Webinar: Streamline & Simplify Your Audit Process Using Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Abstract: Streamlining Audit Processes with Oracle Risk Management Cloud Join us for an exclusive webinar dedicated to exploring the functionalities and capabilities of Oracle Risk Management, an integral module within Oracle ERP Cloud designed to effectively manage risks, ensure compliance, and uphold privacy mandates. This webinar aims to provide insights into leveraging Oracle Risk Management […]