Sakura Medical Equipment Manufacturers is a leading global histopathology and cytology equipment manufacturer. The company was facing several challenges with its legacy application, including:

  • The application was complex and difficult to maintain.
  • It was not integrated with the company’s other systems, such as its ERP and WMS systems.
  • It needed to be more scalable to meet the company’s growing needs.
  • It did not support the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

To address these challenges, Sakura chose Oracle Cloud ERP, Supply Chain, WMS, and CX. The company partnered with NexInfo to “lift and shift” its ERP, SCM, WMS and CX to the cloud and integrate the solution with its other systems.

NexInfo’s Approach

NexInfo began working with Sakura to understand its business processes and identify improvement areas. NexInfo then developed a customized implementation plan that leveraged the strengths of Oracle Cloud to address Sakura’s specific needs.

NexInfo’s experienced consultants worked closely with Sakura throughout the implementation process. NexInfo guided Sakura on business process analysis and design, system integration, data migration, change management, and training and support.

NexInfo provided implementation solutions by

  • Developing multiple integrations using PaaS to have seamless data flow between Oracle Cloud (ERP, WMS & CX) & 3rd party (TMS, EDI etc.) applications.
  • Working with the Oracle Product team for address any challenges in adoption of newly released products. And working with multiple ISVs to address customer needs for an integrated solution in Oracle.


Implementation Challenges

Implementing Oracle Cloud was a significant undertaking, and NexInfo’s team of experienced consultants used their expertise in multiple implementations and Nexinfo’s proven methodology to meticulously implement Oracle Cloud for Sakura.

NexInfo’s team of consultants successfully integrated Oracle Cloud with Sakura’s ERP and WMS systems, resulting in significant efficiency and productivity improvements.

Secondly, migrating Sakura’s data from its legacy system to Oracle Cloud was tedious. NexInfo’s team of consultants successfully migrated Sakura’s data without errors or loss.

Implementation Results

The implementation of Oracle Cloud has been a success for Sakura Medical Equipment Manufacturers. The company has been able to:

  • Streamline its business processes and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce costs on hardware and software maintenance.
  • Improve visibility into its operations and make better decisions.
  • Support its digital transformation initiatives.
  • Accelerate innovation

Sakura’s Success

Sakura Medical Equipment Manufacturers have used Oracle Cloud ERP, Supply Chain, WMS, and CX for over a year. The company has seen significant benefits from the implementation, including:

  • Reduced Order Fulfillment Time: Sakura has reduced its order fulfillment time by 20%. This is due to the integration of the different modules and the automation of several business processes.
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy: Sakura’s inventory accuracy has improved by 15%. This is due to the real-time data sharing between the different modules.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Sakura’s customer satisfaction score has risen 10%. This is due to the improved customer service that the company can provide thanks to the Oracle Cloud solution.
  • OCR Invoice Imaging: Sakura has implemented OCR invoice imaging to automate invoice processing. This has saved the company time and money.
  • Reduced Manual Errors: Integrating the different modules has helped reduce manual errors. This has improved the accuracy of the company’s data and reporting.

NexInfo’s Commitment to Customer Success

NexInfo is committed to helping its customers achieve success with Oracle Cloud. The company’s team of experienced consultants works closely with its customers to understand their needs and develop customized implementation plans. NexInfo also provides its customers with ongoing support to ensure they maximize the benefits of their Oracle Cloud investment.

About NexInfo

NexInfo is a leading consulting company specializing in tailored SaaS solutions across General Accounting, Financial Planning, Supply Chain, Product Lifecycle, People and Talent Management, and customer sales and service processes. Specializing in business process design, SaaS implementations, managed services, talent infusion, and migration to Cloud Infrastructure, NexInfo was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Santa Ana, California.

NexInfo is a certified Oracle partner with a proven track record of successfully implementing Oracle Cloud solutions. The company’s team of experienced consultants deeply understands Oracle Cloud and its customers’ specific needs.

NexInfo offers a wide range of services to support Oracle Cloud implementations, including:

  • Business process analysis and design
  • System Integration
  • Data migration
  • Change management
  • Training and support

NexInfo is committed to helping its customers achieve success with Oracle Cloud. The NexInfo team of consultants works closely with the clients, understanding their needs and developing a customized implementation plan. NexInfo also provides its customers with ongoing support to ensure they maximize the benefits of their Oracle Cloud investment.