On October 24, 2019, the Southern California User Group (SCUG) held its third-quarter meeting at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa. The event brought together supply chain professionals from across the region to share insights and learn about the latest industry trends.

NexInfo Participation:

NexInfo, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, was among the participants in the event. We presented a session on Fusion Demand Planning Integration to JDE, showcasing their deep industry knowledge and expertise in the field of supply chain management.

The presentation was led by NexInfo’s Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, who demonstrated the company’s ability to integrate Oracle’s Fusion Demand Planning module with the JDE EnterpriseOne system. The presenter showed the attendees how the integration works and how it can help organizations achieve better visibility into demand planning.

Supply Chain Innovation

NexInfo’s participation in the SCUG Q3 meeting was a testament to NexInfo’s commitment to staying at the forefront of supply chain innovation. The presentation highlighted the company’s ability to leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to help organizations optimize their supply chain operations.

In addition to NexInfo’s presentation, the event featured several other informative sessions on topics such as supply chain analytics, warehouse management, and transportation management. Attendees had the opportunity to network with peers and learn from some of the industry’s leading experts.

The sentence highlights the participation and presentation of NexInfo in the Fusion Demand Planning Integration to JDE event. The event was a significant event in the industry, and NexInfo’s participation and presentation were noteworthy. The sentence emphasizes the expertise of NexInfo in the field of supply chain operations and its commitment to helping organizations optimize their supply chain operations. 

NexInfo’s participation and presentation on Fusion Demand Planning Integration to JDE were significant for the event. The presentation highlighted the benefits of integrating demand planning with JDE and how it could optimize supply chain operations for organizations.

The presentation was well-received by the audience, and it was a highlight of the event. NexInfo’s commitment to helping organizations optimize their supply chain operations was evident in their presentation, and their expertise was impressive.

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