BSMA Conference

Nexinfo, a leading provider of supply chain and manufacturing solutions, recently participated in the BSMA conference, where it presented its latest innovation on pivoting data – product manufacturing and quality – to the cloud. The BSMA conference is one of the largest events in the supply chain and manufacturing industry, bringing together experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the latest trends and best practices.

At the conference, Nexinfo’s experts presented on pivoting data to the cloud to improve product quality and streamline manufacturing processes. The presentation emphasized cloud-based platform benefits like real-time data analytics, better collaboration, and enhanced supply chain visibility.

Pivoting Data – Product Manufacturing and Quality – To The Cloud

Nexinfo’s presentation focused on cloud-based implementation challenges, such as data security, integration issues, training, and support. The company’s experts provided insights and practical tips on overcoming challenges for successful implementation.

The audience well-received the presentation and praised Nexinfo for its innovative approach to manufacturing and supply chain management. The attendees were impressed with Nexinfo’s use of the latest technology to improve product quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Nexinfo’s participation in the BSMA conference showcased its ongoing commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge supply chain solutions. The company’s experts research, test new technologies, and willingly share knowledge and expertise with others in the industry.

In conclusion, Nexinfo’s presentation on pivoting data to the cloud at the BSMA conference was a resounding success, demonstrating the company’s leadership in the supply chain and manufacturing industry. Nexinfo’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions will have a significant impact on the industry in the future.

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