How NexInfo and Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Can Help You Become a Best Place to Work

In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for success. But what makes a company a “Best Place to Work”? Is it simply offering competitive salaries and benefits? While these elements are essential, they are only part of the equation.

Building the Best Place to Work

The “Best Place to Work” concept has become increasingly important in today’s competitive talent market. Companies are realizing that fostering a positive and engaging work environment is not just a feel-good measure but a strategic imperative for attracting and retaining top talent, driving innovation, and achieving business success.

Understanding the Growth Landscape:

According to the 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, the top-ranked companies in the US are characterized by a focus on several key factors:

  • Strong leadership: 92% of Best Places to Work employees report having confidence and trust in their senior leaders.
  • Career development: 88% of employees have access to opportunities for learning and advancement.
  • Diversity and inclusion: 83% of employees feel their company values and respects people of all backgrounds.
  • Work-life balance: 86% of employees think their company supports a healthy work-life balance.

Building Your Best Place to Work:

Based on the data and insights above, here are some key steps you can take to build the Best Place to Work in your organization:

  • Define your company culture: Clearly articulate your values, mission, and vision to create a unifying framework for your employees.
  • Invest in your people: Provide training and development to help employees grow and realize their full potential.
  • Recognize and reward your employees: Celebrate successes and create a culture of appreciation and motivation.
  • Focus on well-being: Offer programs and resources that support your employees’ physical and mental well-being.
  • Measure and improve: Regularly assess your employee experience and take action based on feedback to continuously improve your workplace.

Top-Ranked Companies: Common Threads in Building a Best Place to Work

While specific details may vary, several common threads weave their way through the fabric of top-ranked companies, creating a tapestry of success marked by employee engagement, well-being, and high performance. Here are some key elements that bind these companies together:

  1. Strong Leadership:
  • Visionary and Inspiring: Leaders who clearly articulate a compelling vision for the company’s future and inspire employees to contribute to its realization.
  • Transparent and Communicative: Leaders who openly communicate company goals, challenges, and decisions, fostering trust and understanding amongst employees.
  • Approachable and Empowering: Leaders who are accessible to employees encourage open communication and empower them to take ownership and initiative.
  1. Open Communication and Feedback:
  • Regular and Transparent: Fostering a culture of open communication through regular meetings, feedback loops, and opportunities for employee input.
  • Multi-directional: Encouraging feedback upwards and downwards, ensuring employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns and ideas.
  • Actionable and Timely: Provide constructive feedback promptly and take action based on employee input.
  1. Investment in Employee Development:
  • Continuous Learning: Offering opportunities for employees to learn new skills, develop careers, and stay relevant to industry trends.
  • Skill-Building Programs: Providing access to training programs, mentoring opportunities, and tuition reimbursement to support employee development.
  • Career Growth Opportunities: Creating opportunities for employees to take on new challenges, advance their careers, and reach their full potential.
  1. Recognition and Rewards:
  • We are celebrating Achievements: Recognizing and rewarding individual and team accomplishments, creating a culture of appreciation and motivation.
  • Meaningful Rewards: Implementing reward programs that align with employee values and interests, going beyond just financial incentives.
  • Personalized Recognition: Recognizing individual contributions and tailoring rewards to personal preferences.
  1. Positive Work Environment:
  • Collaborative and Inclusive: Building a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and respect for individual differences.
  • Work-Life Balance: Offering flexible work arrangements, generous leave policies, and support for personal well-being.
  • Fun and Engaging: Organizing social events, team-building activities, and creating a positive work environment.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM: The Engine for a Best Workplace

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM is a comprehensive cloud-based human capital management solution to help your organization create a Best Place to Work. It provides a single platform for managing all HR processes, from onboarding to performance management, recruitment, and employee engagement.

Why Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM?

  1. Streamlined HR Processes: Automate routine tasks, free up HR resources for strategic initiatives, and improve efficiency across the entire HR function.
  2. Improved Employee Experience: Empower employees with self-service capabilities, personalized career development tools, and a user-friendly interface.
  3. Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making: Gain real-time insights into your workforce data, enabling informed decisions about talent acquisition, retention, and development.
  4. Increased Agility and Scalability: Adapt to changing business needs more quickly and efficiently scale your workforce management solution.
  5. Reduced Costs: Lower administrative overhead, eliminate infrastructure management costs and gain predictable subscription pricing.


Benefits of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Automate HR tasks and streamline processes, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced employee experience: Provide employees with a personalized and engaging experience throughout their lifecycle.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Gain valuable insights into your operations and make informed decisions about your strategies.

Investing in the Best Place to Work:

  1. Attract and Retain Top Talent: A positive work environment attracts high performers and reduces employee turnover, saving recruitment and training costs.
  2. Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity: Engaged employees are more motivated, are more creative, and deliver superior results.
  3. Foster Innovation and Drive Business Growth: A collaborative and supportive environment encourages innovation and drives organizational success.
  4. Improve Employer Branding and Reputation: The Best Place to Work designation attracts talent and strengthens your brand image.
  5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Happy employees provide better customer service, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.


The Synergy between Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and the Best Place to Work:

The benefits of these investments are amplified when implemented together. Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM provides the tools and data to manage your workforce effectively, while the Best Place to Work environment fosters employee engagement and well-being, maximizing the value of your HCM investment.

  • Data-driven talent management: Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM provides insights into employee skills and performance, allowing you to tailor development opportunities and create personalized career paths, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Empowering employees: Self-service capabilities and a user-friendly interface in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM allow employees to manage their benefits, payroll, and career development, fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership.
  • Transparent communication: Real-time data and analytics in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM enable informed decision-making and transparent communication with employees, building trust and fostering a positive work environment.

NexInfo: Your Trusted Partner in Building a Best Place to Work

At NexInfo, we have over 23 years of experience helping organizations implement Oracle HCM solutions. Our certified experts help configure and customize solutions to meet your business goals. We also provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Benefits of partnering with NexInfo:

  • Deep expertise: Our team has extensive experience with Oracle HCM solutions.
  • Proven track record:  A successful history of implementation for Oracle suite of products in organizations to achieve their HR goals.
  • Focus on your needs: We understand your unique challenges and tailor our solution accordingly.
  • Dedicated support: We are committed to your success and provide ongoing support throughout the implementation process.

Creating a Best Place to Work is not just a dream; it’s an achievable goal. Investing in your employees and implementing the right tools and strategies can create an environment where everyone thrives. Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and our expert services can help you build the Best Place to Work and achieve your organization’s full potential.

Ready to embark on a journey to being the Best Place to Work?

Learn more about how you can leverage the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM to: 

  • Enhance employee experience and engagement.
  • Improve decision-making and optimize HR processes.
  • Build a thriving work culture that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Ultimately, achieve your business goals and objectives.

Take the first step towards becoming a Best Place to Work. Contact NexInfo today to learn more about our Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM implementation services.

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