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Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation Services

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Why choose NexInfo for Cloud ERP software consulting?

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Adopt Best Practices With Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation

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The Facts Behind NexInfo’s Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation Services


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Support from ERP professionals


Surprises with NexInfo’s fixed-bid guarantee

Oracle ERP Implementation Services

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Implementation Cost Reliability and Fixed-Bid Guarantee

NexInfo offers a fixed-bid guarantee so that you avoid hidden costs during the process. The consultant team sticks with you to assure outcomes of all contracted projects.

A change management plan is always included to check that all deployed applications are being used as intended. This functionality compliance assures your ROI is realized.

Detailed ERP Implementation for Niche Industries

In addition to industries that use standard applications in cloud and Oracle Cloud ERP systems, NexInfo can implement custom ERP solutions, such as:

ERP consultant team’s experience also extends to industries that have a short time-to-market and high obsolescence like high-tech or food and beverage manufacturers.

Regardless of the niche services, quality checks or compliance required, NexInfo brings over 20 years of practical experience and project management from previous successful deployments when implementing Oracle Cloud ERP solutions.

Oracle ERP Implementation
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Comprehensive Testing and Checks

NexInfo takes system testing very seriously. The consultant team always provides test scripts and ensures that your new processes, data and systems are validated by the implementation team.

The team also ensures that end users in your organization are able to seamlessly execute all crucial functions related to their particular roles, not just generic product training or high-level overviews.

Working with NexInfo provides thorough product testing and in-depth analysis from seasoned ERP software professionals, versus “launch-and-go” tactics from competitors or trying to upgrade systems in-house.


A Closer Look at NexInfo’s Business Proposal

Project Evaluation

Thorough Analysis of Existing Business Processes

The first and most important step in NexInfo’s methodology is an extensive discovery of your organization’s environment and unique processes with:

  • Process evaluation
  • Review of organizational footprint
  • Analysis of your data’s current state
  • Project planning

The project team focuses on your particular business objectives, rather than just migrating existing processes.

This ensures that your business leverages the full capabilities of the new ERP software rather than carrying over the limitations of previous systems.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Solution and Process Education

Familiarization and Confidence in ERP Implementation and Execution

NexInfo is an ideal ERP implementation partner because of the emphasis the consultant team places on acclimating your organization to:

  • Industry-leading practices
  • Current system capabilities
  • Leading practices roadmap

NexInfo’s team is committed to ensuring key players in your organization understand the potentials and strengths of your new software, as well as exactly why it is needed.

This insight helps management adopt the changes required to advance your business. Thorough education also accounts for better training of confident operators in all ERP applications.

Solution Architecture

Intelligent Assembly of Your ERP Cloud Project

NexInfo’s Oracle ERP implementation methodology includes maximizing solutions and shaping them to your organization’s specific goals and needs. This includes: 

  • Design finalization
  • Data management and process alignment
  • Mitigation of Exceptions
  • Configure and build
  • System testing

The consultant team uses all the information gleaned in the evaluation phase to design new process workflows or tweak the old. 

NexInfo then configures your new ERP system to not only fit the updated workflows, but also to support future models for maximum adaptability.

Company team meeting
Oracle HCM vs. Peoplesoft

Solution Validation

Confirmations to Production Readiness

The last critical step before system deployment is a combination of: 

  • Data migration and process confirmation
  • Ensuring models sync with future business objectives
  • System configuration validation
  • Production readiness

NexInfo thoroughly reviews all system designs and project implementation roadmaps to ensure an accurate and comprehensive product is being deployed. 

The consultant team’s mission is to confirm that the new systems align with your business’s overall goals.

System Operation

Software Deployment and Go-Live Launch

The consultant team’s work doesn’t end when the software is launched. Due diligence is performed through this recurring phase of: 

  • Transition evaluations
  • Fine tuning of models 

As your organization uses the ERP system, real-world scenarios that fall outside the previous process scope may be discovered. NexInfo rapidly identifies and implements any necessary changes.

Businesses must grow and adapt to be successful, which is why knowing your system can handle these exceptions is a must. 

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