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Webinar: Unlimited Reporting from Agile PLM Using Oracle Analytics Cloud

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Webinar: Unlimited Reporting from Agile PLM Using Oracle Analytics Cloud

Harnessing Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) for Enhanced Reporting in Agile PLM Implementation

Join us for an insightful session dedicated to unlocking the full potential of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to extract multifaceted reports from your existing Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementation. This session aims to provide attendees with actionable insights into leveraging OAC for comprehensive reporting tailored to Agile PLM systems.

Session Highlights:

1. Understanding Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): Gain a comprehensive overview of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and its capabilities in generating sophisticated reports. Explore the functionalities and features that make OAC an optimal choice for obtaining multifaceted insights.

2. Integration with Agile PLM: Learn how Oracle Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with Agile PLM systems. Understand the data sources and connections required to effectively pull data from Agile PLM into OAC for reporting purposes.

3. Creating Multi-Faced Reports: Explore the methodologies and tools within Oracle Analytics Cloud that enable the creation of multi-faceted reports from Agile PLM data. Discover how to design customized reports, interactive dashboards, and visualizations to extract diverse insights.

4. Optimizing Reporting Capabilities: Delve into best practices for optimizing reporting capabilities within Oracle Analytics Cloud. Understand how to structure data, apply filters, create calculated fields, and utilize advanced analytics to derive meaningful insights from Agile PLM data.

5. Empowering Decision-Making: Explore how comprehensive reporting from Agile PLM through Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers informed decision-making. Discover how to transform raw data into actionable intelligence for better strategizing and process optimization.

Target Audience:

This session is designed for Agile PLM administrators, data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and decision-makers seeking to leverage Oracle Analytics Cloud for advanced reporting capabilities within their Agile PLM implementation.

Why Attend:

Attending this session offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical insights into utilizing Oracle Analytics Cloud to harness the full potential of Agile PLM data. Learn how to leverage OAC’s robust reporting functionalities to derive multifaceted insights and drive enhanced decision-making within your organization’s product lifecycle management.

Unlock the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud and transform your Agile PLM data into actionable insights that fuel better business decisions and drive operational excellence. Don’t miss this chance to leverage OAC for comprehensive reporting tailored to your Agile PLM implementation.

Learning Objectives:

Agile PLM product provides standard out of box reporting capabilities, but almost all customers find the need to write custom reports to leverage their implementation. This presentation will discuss how OAC can be used to extract varied reports from Agile PLM, from analytical to even predictive data.

Educational Tracks:
* #Agile * #Analytics/BI * #CXCloud * #Database * #EmergingTechnologies

Raj Periaswamy, Senior Principal Consultant, NexInfo
Prakash Malmarugan, Data Architect, NexInfo

When: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Time: 11 AM to 12 PM (ET)

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Feb 18 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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