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OATUG eLearning Session – Using Oracle Cloud PD and Product Hub to Manage your Products

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Webinar – Manufacturing Case Studies for Process and Discrete using Oracle Cloud

OATUG eLearning Session – Using Oracle Cloud PD and Product Hub to Manage your Products

WEBINAR – Using Oracle Cloud PD and Product Hub to Manage your Products.

Unlocking Business Excellence: The Synergy of Product Information Management and Oracle’s Product Development Cloud

According to the recent Aberdeen Group survey, organizations adopting Product Information Management (PIM) are showcasing exceptional performance across diverse business realms compared to their peers. When coupled with Oracle’s robust Product Development (PD) Cloud, these organizations gain a solid foundation for a comprehensive cloud strategy, revolutionizing operations from ideation to commercialization and production.

Key Benefits of PIM and Oracle’s PD Cloud Integration:

1. Streamlined Processes from Ideation to Production: The amalgamation of PIM and Oracle’s PD Cloud facilitates a seamless transition across the product lifecycle. It enables organizations to harmonize ideation, design, commercialization, and production processes, fostering a well-coordinated and efficient workflow.

2. Optimized Component Reuse and Design Cost Reduction: Through effective PIM implementation coupled with Oracle’s PD Cloud, organizations can optimize component reuse, thereby minimizing redundancy and lowering design costs. This optimization ensures efficient utilization of resources, promoting cost-effectiveness.

3. Enforced Change Control and Reduced Supply Risk: Leveraging PIM alongside Oracle PD Cloud enables stringent change control mechanisms throughout the product development cycle. This leads to minimized supply risks by ensuring compliance, quality, and consistency while implementing changes across product specifications.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Holistic Data Management: Integration of PIM and Oracle PD Cloud fosters enhanced collaboration among cross-functional teams by centralizing and managing product data comprehensively. It ensures consistency, accuracy, and accessibility of product information across departments, fostering a holistic approach to data management.

5. Facilitated Holistic Cloud Strategy: Oracle’s PD Cloud, complemented by PIM, forms the backbone of a well-coordinated cloud strategy. It enables organizations to align their processes, data, and technology, providing a robust framework for innovation and adaptability in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Why this integration matters:

The integration of PIM and Oracle’s PD Cloud isn’t merely about technological advancements. It’s a strategic move that enables organizations to unlock efficiency, agility, and competitiveness by harnessing the power of data, streamlined processes, and comprehensive product lifecycle management.

By adopting a unified approach through PIM and Oracle’s PD Cloud, organizations can position themselves as agile and forward-thinking entities, ready to embrace innovation, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and deliver superior products that meet market demands efficiently and effectively.

Join this webinar to learn:

-> How your organization can use Oracle PD Cloud & Oracle PIM to manage your products
-> The functionality that each module offers, how they work in a complementary fashion, as well as the individual capabilities of these tools
-> Best-practice steps to ensure accurate product data that enables your supply chain initiatives or path-to-cloud strategies


Raj Periaswamy, Solution Architect
Arun Sharma, Director of IT

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Sep 24 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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