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Webinar: Embracing Oracle Recruiting Cloud for enriched Candidate & Recruiting Experience

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Webinar: Embracing Oracle Recruiting Cloud for enriched Candidate & Recruiting Experience


Exploring Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud (ORC): Enhancing Candidate and Recruiting Experience

Join us for an engaging and informative session that delves into the powerful capabilities of Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud (ORC). This session aims to showcase the key features and functionalities of ORC while highlighting its significant business benefits, particularly focusing on elevating the Candidate Experience and overall Recruiting Process.

Key Session Highlights:

1. Business Benefits of ORC: Explore how Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud revolutionizes the recruiting landscape, offering an array of benefits for businesses. From enhanced candidate engagement to streamlined processes, learn how ORC adds value to organizations seeking to optimize their recruiting strategies.

2. Focus on Candidate Experience: Delve into the critical aspect of candidate experience and how ORC empowers businesses to create a seamless and engaging journey for potential candidates. Discover the tools and features within ORC designed to elevate candidate satisfaction and foster lasting positive impressions.

3. Use Case Illustration: Gain insights into a use case highlighting the tangible value that businesses can derive from leveraging Oracle Recruiting Cloud to its fullest potential. Explore considerations for designing the application and learn best practices to maximize the benefits of ORC implementation.

4. Getting Started with ORC: Receive a best-practice approach on how to initiate your journey with Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud. Understand the essential steps, implementation strategies, and key considerations to kickstart your utilization of ORC effectively.

5. Comparative Analysis: ORC vs. Taleo: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the comparative analysis between ORC and Oracle’s Taleo product. Explore the strengths, capabilities, and unique features of each platform to make informed decisions about your organization’s recruiting technology needs.

This session is tailored for HR professionals, talent acquisition specialists, and decision-makers looking to explore the potential of Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud. It provides a holistic view of the platform, focusing on its benefits, practical use cases, and strategic insights to optimize recruitment processes.

Whether you’re considering ORC for your organization or seeking to maximize its potential, this session offers invaluable insights, strategies, and comparisons to empower you to make informed decisions about your recruitment technology landscape. Join us for an illuminating discussion and uncover how Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud can redefine your approach to candidate experience and recruitment efficiency.

Learning Objectives:
1. How below objectives can be realized using Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) effectively
2. Enhanced Candidate Experience, especially for External Candidates
3. Effective MultiChannel Sourcing – Social channels, campaigns, and job boards
4. Smooth transition from Job Requisition to Job Offer
5. Effective Pre-onboarding & Post onboarding process
6. Seamless integration between ORC and HCM Cloud
7. ORC Vs. Taleo: How do they stack up?
8. Analytics – Dashboards & Reports

Presented by:
Hemal Parikh, Sr. Solutions Architect, NexInfo Solutions, Inc.
Sadiq Badsha, Oracle HCM SME, NexInfo Solutions, Inc.

Educational Tracks:
Cloud Migration, E-Business Suite, HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft, Taleo

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Jul 21 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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