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SCUG Q2 2017 Meeting

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SCUG Q2 2017 Meeting

SCUG Q2 2017 Meeting


The SCUG Q2 2017 Meeting in City of Industry, CA provided a valuable platform for professionals involved in supply chain management. NexInfo’s participation at this event highlighted their Dynamic Safety Stock solution, showcasing its capability to enhance safety stocks, making them more relevant and effective for businesses.

At the NexInfo booth during the SCUG meeting, attendees likely had the opportunity to explore and learn about the Dynamic Safety Stock solution:

1. Dynamic Safety Stock Solution Showcase: demonstrations and discussions on NexInfo’s Dynamic Safety Stock solution Attendees would have gained insights into how this solution optimizes safety stocks, making them adaptable to the changing dynamics of supply chains, demand variations, and other factors.

2. Relevance and Effectiveness of Safety Stocks: Discussions on the importance of relevant and effective safety stocks in supply chain management. The booth likely emphasized how NexInfo’s solution addresses challenges related to safety stock management, ensuring stocks are aligned with current demand fluctuations and supply chain dynamics.

3. Google Home and Prize Giveaways: NexInfo might have organized a contest or giveaway at their booth, offering attendees the chance to win prizes like a Google Home and other exciting giveaways. These engagements often encourage interaction and provide networking opportunities.

NexInfo’s active presence at the SCUG Q2 2017 Meeting aimed to showcase their innovative solution focused on optimizing safety stocks within supply chains. The booth served as an educational resource for attendees, offering insights into safety stock management strategies and how NexInfo’s solution contributes to more effective and relevant safety stock practices in supply chain operations.

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Jun 15 2017


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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