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Oracle Global Order Promising – A Process to Optimize Order Fulfillment

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Oracle Global Order Promising – A Process to Optimize Order Fulfillment


Oracle Global Order Promising, as part of the Supply Chain Management Cloud suite, stands as a pivotal tool, empowering businesses to navigate the complex landscape of order fulfillment with precision and efficiency. This innovative solution ensures that customer expectations are not just met but exceeded by leveraging a comprehensive approach to order fulfillment optimization.

Meeting Diverse Customer Expectations

In today’s competitive market, attracting and retaining customers hinges on the ability to deliver products reliably, punctually, and cost-effectively. Oracle Global Order Promising serves as a cornerstone, enabling businesses to tap into various sources of supply while ensuring on-time deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

Comprehensive Fulfillment Operations

By integrating Oracle Global Order Promising into your operations, you gain the capability to orchestrate your fulfillment processes seamlessly. This solution checks and confirms availability while devising delivery schedules based on real-time supply data from multiple potential sources. This includes assessing production capacity and supplier purchases, allowing for informed decisions on the best sources to fulfill customer orders promptly.

Optimizing Order Fulfillment

One of the key advantages of Oracle Global Order Promising is its ability to optimize global order promises. It goes beyond merely ensuring availability by intelligently managing the allocation of hot items and handling order backlogs during periods of high demand that surpass availability. This intelligent management ensures smoother operations even during challenging scenarios, maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Strategic Decision-Making

By utilizing Oracle Global Order Promising, businesses can make informed decisions based on comprehensive data insights. These insights provide a competitive edge by enabling proactive planning, mitigating risks, and identifying opportunities to streamline operations, thereby enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

In summary, Oracle Global Order Promising is a powerful solution designed to transform supply chain dynamics. Its ability to intelligently navigate sourcing options, manage order promises, and optimize fulfillment operations allows businesses to set new standards in meeting customer demands and achieving operational excellence in a dynamic market landscape.

Learning Objectives:

Users attending this session will learn how the below objectives can be realized using Global Order Promising effectively:
• How to increase profit margins & improve customer service
• How to promise fast & reliable delivery dates every time
• How to fulfill complex orders by reducing shipping costs
• How to manage backlog orders effectively

Educational Tracks:
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Presented by:
Bakkiyalakshmi Chandrasekaran, SCM Consultant, NexInfo

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Nov 09 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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