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NOCOUG 2017 Summer Conference

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NOCOUG 2017 Summer Conference

NOCOUG 2017 Summer Conference


The NOCOUG 2017 Summer Conference in San Ramon, CA was a significant gathering for professionals engaged with Oracle technologies. NexInfo’s participation at this event highlighted their role in providing Oracle services and solutions aimed at accelerating operational excellence for clients. The conference likely served as a platform for NexInfo to showcase their expertise and offerings within the Oracle ecosystem.

The NexInfo booth at the NOCOUG conference would have been a focal point for attendees seeking insights into Oracle services and solutions.

Key highlights at the booth might have included:

1. Oracle Services and Solutions Showcase: Demonstrations and discussions showcasing NexInfo’s range of Oracle services, solutions, and their applications in driving operational excellence. This might have included discussions on ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, or other relevant modules, emphasizing how NexInfo’s expertise aligns with Oracle technologies.

2. Special Cloud Offerings: Information and insights into NexInfo’s specialized cloud offerings within the Oracle landscape. Attendees might have learned about unique cloud-based solutions, services, or strategies tailored for specific business needs or industries.

3. Consultation and Engagement: Attendees likely had the opportunity to engage with NexInfo experts for consultations, seeking advice, discussing potential solutions, and gaining insights into leveraging Oracle technologies effectively.

Furthermore, NexInfo might have organized a contest or giveaway at their booth, offering attendees the chance to win exciting prizes. Such engagement activities generally encourage interaction and networking, fostering discussions and potential collaborations.

NexInfo’s active participation at the NOCOUG 2017 Summer Conference aimed to showcase their capabilities and expertise in providing Oracle solutions, emphasizing their commitment to assisting clients in accelerating operational excellence through innovative Oracle technologies. The booth served as a valuable resource for attendees seeking insights, solutions, and consultations related to Oracle services in optimizing business operations.

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Aug 03 2017


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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