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NEOAUG Fall 2017 Meeting

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NEOAUG Fall 2017 Meeting

NEOAUG Fall 2017 Meeting


The NEOAUG Fall 2017 Meeting in Foxboro, MA, marked an important gathering for professionals involved with Oracle solutions, offering insights into cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies. NexInfo’s participation and presence at the event were notable, showcasing their expertise in Oracle cloud solutions and services to help organizations transform their operations.

NexInfo’s booth at the event provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to explore and understand how Oracle cloud solutions, alongside other leading Oracle services and solutions, have been instrumental in driving operational transformations. The focus was likely on demonstrating how these technologies could create operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance organizational agility.

Key highlights of NexInfo’s offerings and demonstrations at the booth may have included:

1. Oracle Cloud Solutions: Showcasing the capabilities and advantages of various Oracle cloud solutions, such as Oracle Order Management Cloud, ERP Cloud, SCM Cloud, or other relevant modules. Attendees might have received demonstrations or firsthand insights into how these solutions streamline processes and drive business value.

2. Client Success Stories: Sharing case studies or success stories showcasing how NexInfo’s solutions have helped clients achieve operational transformations Real-world examples could illustrate the impact of Oracle cloud solutions on enhancing business processes and outcomes.

3. Consultation and Expertise: Providing consultations and expert advice to attendees seeking guidance on leveraging Oracle solutions for their specific business needs. Experts from NexInfo might have offered insights into best practices, implementation strategies, and optimization techniques.

Moreover, NexInfo’s presentation on “How to Enhance Your OTC (Order-to-Cash) Processes with Oracle Order Management Cloud” was a key highlight of the event. This session likely provided attendees with comprehensive insights into leveraging Oracle Order Management Cloud to streamline and enhance the order-to-cash cycle, emphasizing improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

The NEOAUG Fall 2017 Meeting served as an ideal platform for professionals to engage, learn, and exchange ideas within the Oracle ecosystem. NexInfo’s active participation through its booth presence and presentation showcased its commitment to driving innovation and assisting organizations in leveraging Oracle technologies to achieve operational excellence and business transformation.

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Nov 16 2017


7:30 am - 4:45 pm

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