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Michigan Oracle Users Virtual Summit 2020

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Michigan Oracle Users Virtual Summit 2020

When: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Time: 11:00 a.m. / 11:50 a.m. ET


Mohan Cavale, Principal & Director of Technical Services, NexInfo Solutions

Topic: Improve Forecast Accuracy, Collaboration, & Visibility with SCM cloud

Case Study: Supply Chain Planning Cloud Implementation at a High-Tech Manufacturer

Join us for an illuminating session as we delve into a comprehensive case study showcasing the Supply Chain Planning Cloud implementation journey undertaken by a high-tech manufacturer. This session aims to provide actionable insights into the transformative impact of Oracle’s Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud and best practices for successful Planning Central implementation.

Session Focus:

This session will present a compelling case study highlighting a high-tech manufacturer’s journey through the implementation of Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how this manufacturer navigated challenges, leveraged Oracle’s Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud, and successfully executed the Planning Central implementation.

Key Highlights:

1. Supply Chain Collaboration with Trading Networks: Explore how Oracle’s Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud empowers companies to plan and synchronize their supply chain activities across diverse trading networks. Understand how this collaboration extended value to associated applications and enhanced supply chain efficiency.

2. Planning Central Implementation Best Practices: Gain insights into the best practices adopted during the Planning Central implementation. Discover the strategies and methodologies employed, including migration from ASCP and Demantra, to streamline processes and enhance planning capabilities.

3. Integration with On-Premise ERP: Learn about the intricacies involved in integrating Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud with on-premise ERP systems. Explore the challenges, solutions, and best practices for achieving seamless integration, ensuring data coherence, and maximizing operational efficiency.

4. Lessons Learned and Success Stories: Delve into the lessons learned, success stories, and practical outcomes derived from the Supply Chain Planning Cloud implementation at the high-tech manufacturer. Understand the tangible benefits, improvements, and operational efficiencies achieved through this transformative journey.

Who Should Attend:

This session is tailored for supply chain professionals, technology leaders, implementation specialists, and individuals interested in Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud. It provides an invaluable learning opportunity to understand real-world implementation challenges, strategies, and successes.

Why Attend:

By attending this session, participants will gain deep insights into a real-world case study of Supply Chain Planning Cloud implementation at a high-tech manufacturer. It offers an exclusive opportunity to learn best practices, discover integration strategies, and glean insights that can be applied to streamline supply chain operations within their own organizations.

The session will cover the Challenges the customer faced in migrating to the cloud and how they were overcome:

Objective 1: Supply Chain Planning cloud implementation case study at a high-tech manufacturer including processes implemented and features
Objective 2: Supply Chain collaboration cloud implementation and best practices as well as benefits of supply chain collaboration cloud
Objective 3: Planning Center Best practices adopted by a customer will be covered
Objective 4: Migration from ASCP and Demantra to Supply Chain Planning Cloud
Objective 5: Integrating with on-premise ERP to gather master data and transaction data for Cloud

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Oct 28 2020


11:00 am - 11:50 am

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