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ERP Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Enhance your supply chain responsiveness with the best ERP for manufacturing.

Accelerate Process Management With ERP Software for Manufacturing

Upgrade your manufacturing ERP with NexInfo’s solutions-focused consulting services.

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Accelerate Operational Excellence With a Modern ERP for Manufacturing

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ERP Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Continuous Support and Compliance

While other companies are purely focused on deploying material requirements planning systems, NexInfo aims to understand your entire company’s business objectives and challenges. 

NexInfo’s leadership team keeps your specific needs at the forefront when reviewing projects monthly to make sure the best eyes in the business are working for your organization.

NexInfo offers a fixed price guarantee so that you don’t face any costs creeping up during the process. The team sticks with you to assure outcomes of contracted projects. 

A change management plan can be included so that you can be sure the deployed applications are actually being used, and that your ROI is realized.

Metrics Monitoring For Efficiency and Success

Easy access to manufacturing process metrics in real time is a key to operational success.

Partner with NexInfo to rapidly identify metrics that require monitoring. The consultant team can design upgrades for better visibility within your current ERP manufacturing software that will bring efficiency to your business processes.

Save time, improve efficiency and avoid lengthy searches for crucial information with unlimited access to your KPIs and user-friendly dashboards.

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Best ERP Software for Manufacturing Offers

Become an Industry Leader With NexInfo

Upgrading your ERP system has trickle-down benefits that affect every aspect of your manufacturing business, including: 

NexInfo customizes your manufacturing ERP systems to align with your processes and give your business a competitive edge.

What the Best ERP Software for Manufacturing Offers​

System and Process Upgrades

Adopt Best Practices and the Lastest Methods

NexInfo leverages the manufacturing functionality of your existing ERP system while adopting new technologies that streamline processes and procedures. Upgrades can include:

  • Cloud ERP functionality
  • Setting order priority
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Smart label implementation
  • Running “what-if” scenarios
  • Robust demand planning and forecasting
  • Automating replenishment with consumption rules

Develop a strategy and detailed roadmap to ensure new systems align with overall goals with guidance from NexInfo’s experienced consultants.

ERP manufacturing software
Best ERP Software for Manufacturing Offers

Cloud ERP Solutions

On-Premise and Cloud-Based Options

NexInfo offers the latest technology available in the ability to access your manufacturing ERP systems from a cloud-based solution for those working off-site. 

Tailored to meet industry standards and company regulations, a hybrid strategy can also be deployed to make your ERP system accessible both at your facility and for employees in the field.

Get immediate responses to customer and supplier questions while improving the flexibility of your work environment with help from NexInfo’s experienced consultants.

Detailed Evaluations

Evaluate Your Manufacturing Processes

Implementing new ERP software for manufacturing businesses is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

NexInfo’s consultants conduct an extensive discovery of your manufacturing processes and environment with an evaluation that focuses on:

  • Analyzing key performance indicators of existing operations and processes
  • Recommending process improvements
  • Offering software implementations to improve outcomes
  • Identifying metrics to be monitored to ensure process compliance

Make educated decisions about software implementation with expert insight on manufacturing ERP systems.

Operations and supply chain management
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Advanced Warehouse Management

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Tasks like securing parts safety, managing recalls, meeting quality control standards, and ensuring government compliance require a clear view of your entire operation. 

NexInfo helps you achieve operational excellence with software systems completely focused on inventory control and parts tracking for manufacturing companies. Monitoring at this detailed level gives visibility to:  

  • Raw material origin
  • Lot traceability
  • Specific production runs
  • Shelf-life since shipping
  • Shelf-life in the warehouse
  • Quality control and process transparency

Ensure complete efficiency for your customers with accelerated product tracking and production information.

Scaling for Growth

Effectively Managing Growth and Change

NexInfo understands that in today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to adapt to change and scale your production is crucial to your success. 

The consultant team has extensive experience evaluating how quickly your business can respond. They will guide you through:  

  • Conducting risk assessments 
  • Balancing supply and demand
  • Implementing risk mitigation plans
  • Increasing supply chain response time
  • Resource allocation for managing growth to scale 

NexInfo implements proven solutions through modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to provide a predictable plan and keep costs in-line.

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